Revealed: The best value mince pies of the year

Christmas is just around the corner and the supermarkets have stocked up on our favourite festive treats. With this in mind, has analysed the nutritional value and price of mince pies across large UK supermarkets.

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The personal finance experts at have analysed UK supermarkets' own brand mince pies to discover the best value pies on the shelves this Christmas.

Our experts have looked at the weight and price per pastry – as well as the calories, sugar, fats and saturated fats – for the UK’s large supermarket own brand mince pies.

We've crunched the numbers to create the ultimate mince pie price list.

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Best value supermarket mince pies

If you are looking to save money this festive season, Aldi Holly Lane Deep Filled Mince Pies, which weigh 61g and come in at just 13p a pie, are crowned best value.

Lidl, who took a jab at Aldi’s Kevin the Christmas Carrot this year, price matched their direct competitor with their festive brand Favorina. Their mince pies offer less pie for the same price, though, weighing 4g less at 57g.

If you are after a premium Christmas treat this year, Lidl have priced their Deluxe mince pies at just 25p a piece. These are the best value in terms of luxury supermarket own brand pies. Each pie weighs 65g in total – more than any other supermarket mince pie.

At the other end of the scale, Marks & Spencer's premium Collection mince pies are the most expensive. The price per pie is 42p for 55g per pastry.

Nutritional value of supermarket mince pies

Understanding the nutritional contents of your favourite festive treat may help you make the big decision when it comes to choosing your mince pie for Christmas 2020.

The mince pie containing the most calories is Tesco’s premium brand collection. Tesco Finest Mince Pies have 251 calories per pie, closely followed by Lidl’s Deluxe All Butter Classic Mince Pies, which have 250 calories per pastry. Both options contain a staggering six teaspoons of sugar!

The treat with the fewest calories is the high-end Marks & Spencer Collection (208 calories). The premium pies have 43 fewer calories than their Tesco Finest counterparts, with five teaspoons of sugar compared to six.

If you are looking to save this Christmas, reducing your calories by treating yourself to M&S mince pies may not be the way forward. Each pie will set you back almost double the average cost (23p) of a UK supermarket mince pie!

Tesco Mince Pies are a more standard own brand option, but for just one more calorie (209) they will cost you almost a third of the price of M&S's at 14p per pie. Like their Tesco Finest neighbours, they also possess a sweet 6g of sugar. Alternatively, Iceland Mince Pies are also 209 calories and contain a third less sugar.

Overall, a quarter of supermarket own brand mince pies contain six teaspoons of sugar per portion, with Iceland Luxury 6 All Butter Mince Pies holding the top spot (24.6g). At the other end of the table is the high-end supermarket Waitrose, whose Shortcrust Mince Pies contain the lowest quantity of sugar at 16g.

Over half of supermarket branded pies list five teaspoons of sugar in their ingredients, equal to 71% of the recommended daily allowance.

Vegan mince pies

The demand for an increased range of festive products has risen as UK shoppers grow increasingly conscious of where their food comes from.

Out of the large UK supermarkets, six offer an own brand vegan mince pie. But while veganism has risen by 62% in the last 12 months, these speciality products still come at a price.

Pricey pastry

Research found that on average a vegan mince pies costs 47p – more than double the price of the average non-vegan option (23p). You'll also get less pie for your pennies, as on average a vegan option weighs in at 57g, compared to 58g for a standard supermarket brand mince pie. If you are looking for the cheapest vegan pie this Christmas, Tesco Plant Chef Mince Pies are the top pick at 31p a piece. However, Tesco offer less vegan pie for your pounds than competitors, finishing bottom of our weight list. Both M&S Plant Kitchen Mince Pies and Waitrose Christmas Free From Mince Pies charge the most money (62p). This is almost a third more than the most expensive non-vegan option on the supermarket shelves.

Weight wise, M&S mince pies deliver. At 62g they are the heaviest out of all supermarket vegan options. At the other end of the scale is the equally costly Waitrose option – the second lightest pie on our list.

Nutritional value

Of all supermarket own brand vegan mince pies, M&S's contain the most calories. Each pie has 243 calories – and a starling 26g of sugar. This is equivalent to seven teaspoons of sugar, which is our entire daily recommended amount! Second to M&S for calories is Sainsbury's Free From branded pies. These pack in 235 calories and 22.8g of sugar – close to six teaspoons. Tesco Plant Chef Mince Pies are just behind Sainsbury's at 231 calories. However, out of both vegan and non-vegan own brand mince pies, they contain the least sugar (15.5g). Those looking to consume fewer calories with their mince pies, should opt for the Morrisons Free From range. These contain the least at 211 and also offer a relatively low sugar content at 17.4g.

On average, vegan mince pies list five teaspoons of sugar in their ingredients, equal to 71% of the recommended daily allowance.

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