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  • We have delved into Google search volumes to reveal the top wedding trends for the season ahead.

Wedding trends

Weddings are regularly dubbed as the greatest day of many people’s lives and come after months (or even years) of planning. With so much decision-making happening behind the scenes, we’ve crunched the numbers to reveal the biggest trends and inspiration for this year's wedding season.

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The hottest wedding trends change on a regular basis, whether it’s decorations or destinations, and a lot can happen between wedding seasons. As the last couple of years briefly changed weddings for both soon-to-be couples and their guests, the financial experts at money.co.uk were curious to discover how this has impacted the top trends for 2022. 

By analysing Google search volumes, the research reveals 2022’s biggest wedding trends to help future newlyweds know what’s hot (and what’s not) as the peak season approaches. 

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Pet wedding trends graphic. Image of a brown puppy with and engagement/wedding ring on its nose. Text reads: 1. Pet Weddings.

With your big day comes a lot of decision-making and debates. From the overall theme of the wedding to a designated colour scheme, there are many aspects that will set the tone and aesthetic for all of your decisions going forward, so there’s no wonder couples spend a lot of time debating the best theme for their wedding. 

The Google search data proves that the thing couples want to incorporate into their weddings the most this year is their pets. Searches for pets at weddings are up 200% since 2020, making it the biggest wedding trend for 2022, suggesting that the two years locked at home with our animal friends means we cannot imagine the big day without their presence.

Joint first with pet weddings is multi-coloured weddings with searches also spiking by 200%. This trend suggests that weddings this year will not only be big events featuring all our nearest and dearest (including four-legged friends) but they will also be bold and bright celebrations. 

Eco weddings trends also feature in the top 30 list; with searches for renting a bridesmaid dress up 180%, proving that brides are looking for ways to reduce the wastefulness of buying a dress that will be worn for just one day. Other eco-conscious wedding trends include moissanite engagement rings (a significantly more sustainable and environmentally-friendly stone as they are not mined), leaf confetti and sustainable wedding venues.  

Colours feature frequently on the top wedding trends 2022 list; as already mentioned, multi-coloured weddings are the hottest trend this year, but by contrast, black colour schemes are also trending this season seeing a 90% increase since 2020. Blue, black and gold, and purple also feature on the biggest trends list. 

Updated 20 April 2023
RankWedding TrendYear-on-Year Change (%)
1Pet at wedding200
1Multi-coloured wedding200
1In-season wedding flowers200
4Rent bridesmaid dress181
5Daisy bouquet177
6Lavender bouquet122
7Dahlia bouquet108
8Black wedding90
9Llama wedding89
9Rent wedding dress89
11Blue wedding84
11Lilac bouquet84
13Moissanite engagement ring83
14Daisy wedding80
15Retro wedding75
16Sequin wedding dress60
16Orchid bouquet60
18Museum wedding57
19Tablescapes wedding56
20Black and gold wedding55
21Leaf confetti53
22Game of Thrones wedding52
23Purple wedding50
23Cruise wedding50
23Black wedding dress50
23Sustainable wedding venue50
23Bow wedding dress50
28Puff sleeve wedding dress48
29Hotel wedding46
29Bridal suits46
31Country club wedding40
Beach Weddings graphic. Image of a couple on a beach gazing out to the ocean. The bride wears a white dress and the groom wears trousers and a white shirt. Text reads: Beach Weddings.

wedding trends Looking specifically at where in the world is trending the most for weddings in 2022, the research revealed that Zimbabwe has seen a 56% increase in searches. It is a popular destination for those who want a safari holiday or even just to embrace the breathtaking background that the country has to offer. 

Italy is second on the list with wedding searches for the country spiking by 40%. The European country offers a lot to those planning a wedding; from stunning villas in Tuscany to lakeside hotels in Como, it is a wedding destination that appeals to the masses. Joint with Italy is South Africa, where couples can choose from vineyards, safaris, the seaside or the city to host their special day. 

Kenya in fourth place, seeing a 27% increase in Google searches for weddings in the country. It’s a great option for those who want a beach wedding but also want the option for a bit of culture and exploration while they’re there. 

The rest of the top 10 list is made up of countries that are best-known for their tranquil beaches. Thailand is fifth, Jamaica is sixth where searches have increased by 22% and Morocco is seventh. Brazil, Mexico and Bali round off the top 10. 

Updated 20 April 2023
RankWedding Destination (Country)Year-on-Year Change (%)
1Zimbabwe wedding56
2Italy wedding40
2South Africa wedding40
4Portugal wedding39
5Kenya wedding27
6Thailand wedding23
6Ibiza wedding23
8Jamaica wedding22
9Morocco wedding21
10Brazil wedding20
Sequin Dresses wedding trends Graphic. Image of a wrack of sequin wedding dresses on hangers. Text reads 1. Sequin Dresses

Not only are weddings going to make a statement with multi-coloured themes but brides are set to make an impression with their dresses. Sequin wedding dresses are the top trending wedding dress style in 2022 getting +60% searches with an impressive 19,200 annual searches around the globe. Though sequins aren’t for everyone, recent celebrity weddings have led the way; Priyanka Chopra’s custom-made Ralph Lauren dress proved that a heavily embellished gown is sure to impress your guests. 

Less traditional and more of a statement is the trend to wear a black wedding dress, which is receiving 50% more searches and has 266,400 Google queries a year. A black wedding dress that sent Twitter into meltdown was worn by Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn, who said she wore it as “a symbol of power and strength” rather than the traditional white that brides are expected to wear. Another tradition-bending style to feature in the top 10 styles is a bridal suit, which has an impressive 22,800 Google searches every year and is up by 46% this year. 

The top trends also suggest that the 80s bridal style is also having a revival, with ‘bow wedding dress’ searches spiking by 50% and puff sleeve wedding dress (as worn by Princess Diana on her wedding day in July 1981) searches up by 48%.

Updated 20 April 2023
RankWedding Dress StyleYear-on-Year Change (%)
1Sequin wedding dress60
2Black wedding dress50
2Bow wedding dress50
4Puff sleeve wedding dress48
5Bridal suit46
6Cutout wedding dress40
7Wedding dress with pockets39
8Disney wedding dress26
8Strapless wedding dress26
10Velvet wedding dress24
10Low cut wedding dress24
12Long sleeve wedding dress23
12Off shoulder wedding dress23
14Short wedding dress22
14Bridal jumpsuit22
14Sheer wedding dress22
14Satin wedding dress22
14Slip wedding dress22
19Modest wedding dress19
20Bridal separates14

Without the wonderful world of designers there wouldn’t be so many styles for brides to choose from. Curious to find out if a wedding dress designer is leading the way for 2022, money.co.uk analysed the search data for specific designers revealing that Martina Liana comes out on top. Martina Liana gowns feature a feminine silhouette that is perfect for a bride who wants to go full glam on her big day, and has seen a 125% increase in searches for the brand.

Milla Nova - known for classic A-line gowns that have resulted in a reputation as one of the most prestigious designers in the world - is second on the list, followed by Justin Alexander who prides himself on elegance. 

Four British designers feature on the top 15 list; Suzanne Neville, who produces hand-made, cut to fit gowns all over Instagram, has seen searches increase by 69%, putting Neville as the fourth trending designer globally. A designer favoured by Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge, Jenny Packham, is fifth, whilst Halfpenny London is seventh. The iconic, statement-making Vivienne Westwood has seen searches for her wedding dresses increase by nearly 50%. 

Top 15 wedding dress designers

Updated 20 April 2023
RankWedding Dress DesignerYear-on-Year Change (%)
1Martina Liana wedding dress125
2Milla Nova wedding dress85
3Justin Alexander wedding dress81
4Suzanne Neville wedding dress69
5Jenny Packham wedding dress55
6Ralph Lauren wedding dress53
7Halfpenny London wedding dress50
7Valentino wedding dress50
9Vivienne Westwood wedding dress49
10Givenchy wedding dress34
11Pronovias wedding dress24
12Galia Lahav wedding dress23
13Claire Pettibone wedding dress22
13Vera Wang wedding dress22
15Maggie Sottero wedding dress19
In-season flowers wedding trends Graphic. Image of a floral bouquet. Text reads: 1. In-season Flowers.

The way that we live and how it impacts the environment is a conversation that greatly lends itself to the wedding industry, as there is often a lot of waste and consumption for just one day. So, it is interesting to see that soon-to-be-married couples are considering eco alternatives for their special day. 

The top eco wedding trend for the season ahead is in-season wedding flowers, many bouquets are created using flowers that brides would prefer; however, this often means importing them from hundreds of miles away when you could use locally sourced and in-season flowers. 

The fashion rental scheme is also among the top trends, with searches for renting a bridesmaid dress and renting a wedding dress ranking as the second and third biggest eco wedding trends for 2022. This is a great way to avoid purchasing and disposing of a dress that is only worn once and instead gives a dress multiple lives.

Moissanite engagement rings are fourth with an 83% increase in Google searches followed by sustainable wedding favours that have seen a 75% spike and leaf confetti in sixth with searches increasing by 53%.  

Updated 20 April 2023
RankEco Wedding TrendYear-on-Year Change (%)
1In-season wedding flowers200
2Rent bridesmaid dress181
3Rent wedding dress89
4Moissanite engagement ring83
5Sustainable wedding favours75
6Leaf confetti53
7Sustainable wedding venue50
8Petal confetti39
9Rent wedding linen33
10Second-hand wedding dress22

If this has made you think about how you will pay for all the top trendings things that will make your wedding a day to remember, remember you can use a 0% purchase credit card to help split the costs of a big purchase. 


How long do weddings last?

Most traditional wedding ceremonies usually follow a very similar format that can be flexible depending on the venue, the religion of the couple, or the couple's personal preference. But most weddings start with the processional, which sees guests making their way to their seats, followed by the best man and mother-of-the-bride, the bridesmaids, and then the bride and her father. The officiant then makes an introduction to the couple, before talking about the responsibilities of marriage and the vows they will make. This is followed by the exchange of vows, ring exchange, and then the kiss. As there are so many steps, this usually takes around 45 to 60 minutes, although it can be longer for religious ceremonies that can go on for over 90 minutes. 

When does wedding season start and end?

The peak wedding season is typically considered to be summer and the very start of autumn (which results in the weddings being more expensive during this time, too). This usually covers the period starting in May right through to the end of September and even the beginning of October. According to a Hitched survey*, 14% and 18% of UK weddings happen in the months of July and August. If you want to avoid the peak wedding period, then look outside of these months (and you’ll likely save yourself some money, too).

*Hitched: https://www.hitched.co.uk/wedding-planning/organising-and-planning/best-month-to-get-married/ 

Why are weddings so expensive?

Although weddings involve spending a lot of money for one day of celebrations, it is only as expensive as you make it. If you are looking to do your special day on a budget, there are many aspects you can do yourself to avoid third-party costs. Rather than hiring somebody to dress the venue, you can purchase second-hand decorations and do it yourself, or keep it as simple as fairy lights and candles. You can also look to have a later ceremony so you only have to pay for evening food for your guests rather than a full wedding breakfast on top of that. 

For more great weddings information visit the Wedding Hub for our latest guides.


Using Google Keyword Planner we searched for a variety of terms for the last 12 months and compared that to the previous 12 months to reveal the themes, dresses, decor and destinations with the greatest percentage increase in searches. They were ranked from highest to lowest to reveal the top trends. 

Data correct May 2022.

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