Wedding Pinterest Report

With many people around the world having to postpone their nuptials in the past 12 months, some couples may be going back to the drawing board when it comes to organising their wedding for 2021 or beyond. To provide some inspiration for anyone planning their big day, we’ve turned to Pinterest to delve into the current biggest trends.
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From destinations to decor, our Wedding Pinterest Report reveals the most pinned wedding styles and themes so you can know exactly what’s popular right now with those walking down the aisle. 

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Choosing a theme for the big day will set the tone and aesthetic for all of your decisions going forward, so there’s no wonder couples spend a lot of time debating the best theme for their wedding. The Pinterest data proves that the most popular themes inspiring our weddings are from all aspects of life; it could be the couples’ favourite film, as Harry Potter weddings features as the most pinned theme; or it could be more decoration-related like Vintage, Earthy, and Natural which features in the top five themes. 

Also featuring in the top 10 most-pinned themes is 1920s with 1,003 boards dedicated to this decade. Also related to this decade is Art Deco and The Great Gatsby both with 1,001 boards, proving that the glitz and glamour of the roaring ’20s is a great source of inspiration. 

Updated 24 May 2021
Wedding trendNumber of Pinterest boards
Harry Potter wedding1,016
Vintage wedding1,009
Earthy wedding1,008
Natural wedding1,006
Farm wedding1,004
1920s wedding1,003
Garden Party wedding1,002
Beach wedding1,002
Fall/Autumn wedding1,002
Marquee wedding1,002
Formal wedding1,001
Art Deco wedding1,001
Garden wedding1,001
Spring wedding1,001
Great Gatsby wedding1,001
Barn wedding1,001
Celestial wedding1,000
Fairy Tale wedding1,000
Disney wedding1,000
Botanical wedding1,000

Opting to get married abroad has become much more popular over the years, as it not only offers the perfect backdrop but it can also double-up as the perfect honeymoon. However, if you want to get married closer to home, there’s nothing stopping you from bringing your favourite destination to you and your loved ones by taking inspiration for that place’s distinct style.

By Country

Whether it’s the rich, jewel colours setting the tone or the lovely lit-up lanterns adorning the venue of choice, it’s Morocco that we are taking the most inspiration from. Many European countries also feature in the top 10 list - Greece, France, and Italy are 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, while Ireland is the 7th most-pinned country with 990 boards. 

The Australasia countries also make up the latter part of the top 10 countries; Australia is 8th with 984 boards, New Zealand 9th with 981, and Fiji is 10th with 979 Pinterest boards.

Updated 24 May 2021
Wedding trendNumber of Pinterest boards
Morocco wedding1,001
Greece wedding1,000
France wedding999
Italy wedding998
Mexico wedding997
Bali wedding996
Ireland wedding990
Australia wedding984
New Zealand wedding981
Fiji wedding979
Canada wedding978
England wedding977
Ibiza wedding975
Scotland wedding972
Thailand wedding960
Spain wedding956
Portugal wedding889
America wedding821
Bahamas wedding732
Wales wedding725

By USA State

The thought of the big day seems to have us California dreaming, as the West Coast state takes the top spot with 1,003 boards. From the glittering LA skyline to Sierra Nevada mountains, the Golden State has a variety of backdrops to suit all wedding tastes. The second-most pinned state is Colorado, home to the popular wedding destinations Denver and Colorado State Park, followed by Florida, The Sunshine State, in 3rd place. 

Updated 24 May 2021
Wedding trendNumber of Pinterest boards
California wedding1,003
Colorado wedding1,000
Florida wedding1,000
Hawaii wedding1,000
Virginia wedding998
New York wedding997
Texas wedding996
Georgia wedding994
Washington wedding993
Arizona wedding988
Maine wedding985
Oregon wedding981
Utah wedding978
Montana wedding977
Maryland wedding976
Ohio wedding973
Tennessee wedding968
Minnesota wedding949
North Carolina wedding943
Michigan wedding938

Finding ‘the one’ is easier for some than others, so there’s no surprise that there are so many Pinterest boards dedicated to this integral part of the wedding day. The most popular weddings dress list proves just how far we have come from the puffy dress trend of the ’90s. The most popular style is a sparkling wedding dress with a dazzling 2,485 boards alone, followed by Disney-inspired gowns, and then vintage wedding dresses in 3rd place. 

Also on the list are less conventional and more fashion statement options like a two-piece wedding dress with 1,015 boards, followed by a bridal jumpsuit in 5th place, which was made all the more popular by Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner who wore a jumpsuit for her wedding to Joe Jonas.

Updated 24 May 2021
Wedding trendNumber of Pinterest boards
Sparkly wedding dress2,485
Disney wedding dress1,521
Vintage wedding dress1,139
Two piece wedding dress1,015
Bridal jumpsuit919
Black wedding dress898
Modest wedding dress872
Sheer wedding dress863
Long sleeve wedding dress840
Satin wedding dress950
Boho wedding dress732
Off shoulder wedding dress732
Strapless wedding dress713
One shoulder wedding dress699
Minimal wedding dress698
Short wedding dress690
Mermaid wedding dress657
Lace wedding dress642
Pink wedding dress635
50s wedding dress533

Flowers play a big part in a wedding, but the main star of the floral show will always be the bride’s bouquet. Symbolic of adoration and loyalty are sunflowers which are inspiring the look of bridal bouquets more than traditional roses that rank in 2nd position, and peonies, which are 4th on list. 

Interestingly, our love for home plants also feeds into our bridal bouquet inspiration as succulent bouquets are the 3rd on the list. Also, the latest floral trend taking social media by storm is dried flowers which features 11th on the most popular bouquet list with 233 boards. 

Updated 24 May 2021
Wedding trendNumber of Pinterest boards
Sunflower bouquet891
Rose bouquet876
Succulent bouquet729
Peony bouquet682
Wildflower bouquet628
Orchid bouquet415
Lavender bouquet335
Hydrangea bouquet319
Lilac bouquet279
Daisy bouquet261
Dried flower bouquet233
Tulip bouquet196
Dahlia bouquet111
Eucalyptus bouquet108
Anemone bouquet86

Once you have chosen a location, venue, dress and flowers, ensure you are adequately protected with wedding insurance to ensure no dark clouds can spoil your perfect day.


Top lists were calculated by counting the number of boards that are publicly viewable on Pinterest for a range of keywords. 

Data correct as of May 2021.