The top cities for fashion and décor inspiration

With popular cities like Miami, Hong Kong and Paris having such distinct styles, it's no surprise that so many people want to emulate the looks that are synonymous with the most fashionable places in the world. And there are plenty of Pinterest boards to prove it!
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Panoramic shot of Los Angeles 2021
The top cities for fashion and décor inspiration - image of Los Angeles

Thousands of boards have been created on the social platform that curate the best home and fashion looks based on the popular aesthetics seen in different global cities. It seems that while many of us are currently unable to soak up the culture and style of different cities around the world in person, we’re turning to Pinterest as the next best way to get our style fix. 

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There are so many Pinterest boards dedicated purely to style and décor inspiration from the world’s most fashionable cities that was curious to discover which city is the greatest source of inspiration when it comes to aesthetics. By analysing nearly 34,000 Pinterest boards dedicated to the clothing fashion and home styles of 130 cities around the world, the consumer spending experts at can now reveal where is providing the most fashion and decor inspirations.

The top city for fashion inspiration

The top city for fashion inspiration is America’s Los Angeles, with 997 boards dedicated to its clothing style and aesthetic alone. Famed for being home to the A-Listers and the iconic shopping destination, Rodeo Drive, LA is a city that offers designer and couture clothing to fashionistas, as well as turning yoga pants and an oversized sweater into a whole vibe in itself.

Other American cities to feature in the top 20 fashion list include 8th place Phoenix, which holds its own fashion week to highlight the designers, artists and premium retailers that the Southwest has to offer; Miami is 15th, Georgia’s Savannah is 17th, and Chicago is the 19th most inspirational city for fashion. 

Taking home the silver medal is Sydney, Australia - a city renowned for world-class fashion designers like Kim Kardashian’s favourite Alex Perry. Pinterest boards for Sydney style inspiration are filled with well-fitting jeans, stilettos, and sharp blazers. 

Third in the rankings and taking bronze is the influencer city of the moment, Dubai; with fashionistas pinning oversized sunglasses and chic maxi dresses in over 830 boards dedicated to the city’s style.  

Top 20 cities for fashion inspiration

Updated 13 July 2021
RankCityNumber of fashion Pinterest boards
1Los Angeles, USA997
2Sydney, Australia970
3Dubai, United Arab Emirates836
4Toronto, Canada787
5Hong Kong, China691
6Havana, Cuba608
8Phoenix, USA437
9Brisbane, Australia359
10Madrid, Spain333
11Marrakesh, Morocco330
12Paris, France318
13Perth, Australia280
14Montreal, Canada275
15Miami, USA274
16Vienna, Austria263
17Savannah, USA251
18Istanbul, Turkey247
19Chicago, USA235
20Delhi, India226

Top US States for fashion inspiration

As part of our research our consumer spending experts also looked at the most influential states in America when it comes to our fashion choices, and the research found that it’s Florida we take the most style inspiration from. The Sunshine State has earned its place on the fashion map as a result of being home to many designers, including the cult-favourite jewelry brand Éliou, which makes whimsical pieces for the likes of Harry Styles and Gigi Hadid. 

California is the state that made yoga leggings and leisurewear fashionable, all while welcoming one-of-a-kind dresses and statement suits on the red carpet, so it’s no surprise that it ranks in second place. Closely following The Golden State, is Texas with 998 boards created for future fashion inspiration; it seems cowboy boots, shiny belt buckles, and 10-gallon hats will always be a vibe. 

Top 10 US States for fashion inspiration

Updated 13 July 2021
RankCityNumber of fashion Pinterest boards
8New Mexico751

The top city for décor inspiration

Los Angeles also came out on top as the most inspirational city for home décor with an impressive 1,000 Pinterest boards acting as a source of inspiration for many people’s home aesthetic. People around the world have had many a glimpse inside the homes of LA thanks to the hit reality Netflix show, Selling Sunset, where the décor trend is a balancing act of maximalist features such as bold, eclectic feature walls, using the simplicity of nature such as numerous house plants and rattan storage baskets and featuring lots of white (curtains, floors, furniture, accessories). 

Dubai features in the top three cities once again, this time taking 2nd place with 707 boards on Pinterest especially curated to capture the city’s exotic home style aesthetic, with a focus on rich jewel tones, geometrical patterns and highlights of bronze and gold.

Taking 3rd place is Canada’s Toronto, which is leading the way for bringing the wellness benefits of the great outdoors into our own homes, with lots of pins showing trends such as dark-stained wood and Biophilic wallpaper. 

Next on the list, and very different from the stripped-back aesthetic of LA, is Mumbai, which ranks as the 5th most influential city when it comes to décor and home design. Favourite looks associated with Mumbai design include deep and dark colour tones highlighted by elements of gold or warm lighting.

São Paulo (6th on the list) offers a totally different kind of vibe again to the white-wash LA look; with a reputation for being one of the most charismatic cities in Brazil, its classic décor traits centre on using lots of bright colours that make a bold statement. 

Top 20 cities for décor inspiration

Updated 13 July 2021
RankCityNumber of décor Pinterest boards
1Los Angeles, USA1,000
2Dubai, United Arab Emirate707
3Toronto, Canada646
4Sydney, Australia584
5Mumbai, India400
6São Paulo, Brazil335
7Paris, France320
8Chicago, USA308
9Montreal, Canada296
10Madrid, Spain291
11Delhi, India283
12Athens, Greece268
14Lisbon, Portugal227
15Boston, USA225
16Savannah, USA220
17Cape Town, South Africa218
18Hong Kong, China186
19Vienna, Austria181
20Istanbul, Turkey177

Top US States for décor inspiration

Interestingly, the top three states for fashion inspiration on Pinterest are also the same for décor, with Florida, California and Texas taking the top spots, respectively. In 4th and 5th place is Colorado and Arizona, which is interesting as these two states are closely connected by a quadripoint in Southwestern USA, marked by the Four Corners Monument. As a result, the two states have a very similar vibe in Pinterest boards when it comes to décor - think tonal desert-inspired shades, touches of fiery orange or pretty pinks from the sunset, and leather sofas to represent the Wild West. 

Hawaii is the 6th most influential state when it comes to interiors on Pinterest, bringing something totally new to the table: Island style. Elements making up Hawaiian interiors seen on Pinterest include bright earthy colors that emulate the ocean and tropical plants, while furnishings can be made up of woody textures such as bamboo and rattan, with fun nods to Hawaii’s geography seen in floral prints and seashell inspired homeware. 

Top 10 US States for décor inspiration

Updated 13 July 2021
RankCityNumber of décor Pinterest boards

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Our ranking lists were calculated by counting the number of boards that are publicly viewable on Pinterest which are titled with a range of relevant phrases such as ‘[city] fashion,’ ‘[city] style,’ ‘[city] apartment,’ and ‘[city] decor.’ Data correct as of July 2021.

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