A 0% credit card is a type of credit card that allows you to make purchases, without paying any interest on them for a fixed introductory period.

Once the introductory interest free period ends, the interest rate reverts to the standard purchase rate, often known as the revert rate.

How do 0% credit cards work?

0% purchase cards work just like any other credit card. The only difference is that these credit cards come with longer interest free periods. Depending on the card, the 0% interest period can last from three months and go up to 29 months.

This can be useful to make large purchases such as furniture for your home or funding a holiday.

How to get the best 0% purchase credit cards

There is no best credit in the market as banks and lenders offer several credit cards that are designed to suit different budgets and spending habits.

By shopping around and comparing 0% credit cards, you can find the best deals available and chose the one most suited to your needs and financial circumstances.

When comparing interest free credit cards, you might want to consider some key features:

  • Length of the 0% purchase promotional period: The 0% purchase period can range from six to as many as 29 months, so choose a card that offers a long enough period that covers your needs.

  • Annual fee: Some 0% credit cards charge an annual fee. For a card to be worth your while calculate whether the amount you’ll save in interest is more than the annual fee. If not, it’s best to choose a card without an annual fee.

  • The revert rate: This is the interest rate that you’ll be charged after the introductory interest free period ends. It’s also known as the standard purchase rate, which can range from around 10% up to over 35%. This is why it’s a good idea to try and pay off your balance before the 0% interest period ends.

Find out more about how APR works.

Is a 0% purchase card right for me?

As with all different types of credit cards, 0% purchase cards can be useful in situations, but not the best for others.

Pros and Cons of 0% purchase cards

  • No interest for fixed period

  • Spread the cost of large purchases

  • Helpful for lowering high-interest balances

  • High APR after interest free period ends

  • Balance transfers are not always included

  • You’ll still pay a balance transfer fee

How do I know which 0% credit cards I’ll be eligible for?

Your eligibility for any credit depends on a number if factors such as:

  • Your income

  • The amount of debt you already have

  • Your recurring expenses

  • Your credit history

Most lenders will consider these factors when assessing your eligibility for a credit card.

One thing you can do is use our eligibility checker to find out which cards you’re most likely to be accepted for.

Our eligibility checker uses a soft search function to assess your eligibility for a credit card without making a mark on you credit file. You can find out more about our eligibility checker here.