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Our guides show you the best ways to make your money go further and work harder. They contain all the latest financial information and are set out clearly to help you make smart decisions.

Money insights

Latest insights into what's going on behind the headlines, and what you can do to make your cash work harder for you from the money.co.uk team:

30 January 2023

Card trick that can save you hundreds on the cost of almost any new car

In 2022 Brits bought 818,509 new cars, and the vast majority could have saved themselves hundreds of pounds on the cost with a relatively simple trick

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Fixed rate bonds have increased
27 January 2023

Fixed-rate bond interest rates have increased by more than 400% in a year

Interest rates have soared on fixed-rate bonds over the past 12 months, making them far more rewarding for people with a lump sum to save

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Pile of cash
18 January 2023

Millions of Brits could cut £767.63 from their credit card costs with one move

The average credit card holder can make themselves £767.63 better off in 2023 if they move to the right deal - but most aren’t planning to.

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Shopping with a credit card - how to get the best credit card rewards
09 December 2022

Brits missing millions of pounds a month by using the wrong cards

More than 5 in 6 shop purchases are now carried out by card, the British Retail Consortium has found - how to make money from yours

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A man reaches into his savings to withdraw money
02 December 2022

More people are pulling money from their pensions - and it could be an expensive mistake

The rules of drawing money from your pension have changed in the past few years - but it’s not clear people fully understand them yet.

Taking money out could cost more than you think
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt considers his 2022 Autumn Statement, ahead of delivering the speech to the House of Commons - Source: HM Treasury
17 November 2022

What chancellor Jeremy Hunt's Autumn Statement means for you

We take a look at what chancellor Jeremy Hunt's Autumn Statement will mean for your money - including tax rises and pension changes.

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Latest guides

See our most recently published comprehensive guides to money matters across all categories:

Couple on beach jumping
09 May 2023

Travel money: how to get the best deal

A good deal on your travel money means getting more holiday for the exact same number of pounds sterling. This guide will show you how to do it.

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Older couple, sitting at patio table outside looking at the hillside view
04 May 2023

How does the State Pension work?

Not everyone gets a state pension in the UK, and payouts vary heavily from person to person, even for those who qualify. Here is how the state pension works, what it could pay you and when you can claim it.

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Stressed man with luggage sitting on bench at airport
29 November 2021

Does travel insurance cover cancellation?

If you’ve booked a holiday, the last thing you will want to do is cancel it, but sometimes can end up out of your control. If the worst does happen, travel insurance can ease the burden, here is when and how you can get your money back following a cancellation.

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How to get fee free balance tranfers - woman smiling with credit card
21 October 2021

How to get fee-free balance transfers

Fee-free balance transfer credit cards let you move existing card debt to a new credit card without paying a fee. Find out whether this type of plastic could work for you.

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20 August 2021

How couples can save more money on car insurance than singletons

If you're part of a couple you can sometimes save significant amount on your car insurance - this is how being married, in a civil partnership or even just cohabiting with a significant other can result in a cheaper car insurance quote

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Man holding smartphone
30 July 2021

Smartphone apps that can help you save money

Whether it's setting budgets, monitoring your spending, or saving money, these apps can help you keep track of your finances and help you reach your financial goals.

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Research and reports

At money.co.uk we don't just report the news, we also carry out our own research and investigations to help make better sense of personal finance. Here are our latest reports:

icon representing Money’s news article
15 March 2021

Cheers! Brits set to spend £447m in pubs by Thursday 15th April

Press release | A new study from money.co.uk has revealed how much Brits will be spending as lockdown restrictions are lifted. Pub goers are predicted to spend £447M by Thursday 15th April.

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03 February 2021

Princess Diana's diamonds still UK No. 1

Research from money.co.uk has revealed that Princess Diana's engagement ring style is still the most sought after, in their 2021 study of the most popular engagement rings.

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11 January 2021

T-day sees Brits rush to move credit card debts

Monday will see so many Brits rush to transfer their credit card balances, that money experts have dubbed it Balance Transfer Day.

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04 November 2020

Monday will see so many Brits rush to transfer their credit card balances, that money experts have dubbed it Balance Transfer Day.

Online shopping this Black Friday is expected to break records but at what cost to the environment? The personal finance experts at money.co.uk have investigated how much CO2 could be produced by the millions of packages that will be delivered across the country.

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19 October 2020

New parents forced to go back to work early because they can't afford time off

Press release | A new study from money.co.uk has revealed that forty percent of new parents are forced to cut short their maternity leave because they can’t afford the time off.

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11 September 2020

2020 Broadband Housing Index press release

Press release | The broadband experts at money.co.uk have produced a new report which identifies how internet speeds are impacting house prices across the country.

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