Although you could get two cards - one for making purchases and another to make a balance transfer - having just one makes it easier to keep track of what you owe and repay it.

You can cover all your needs with a single card if you choose one that offers long enough 0% deals for both balance transfers and purchases.

  • Balance transfers can save you money by cutting the interest you pay on an existing credit card balance. However, leading balance transfer cards do not always offer competitive deals for making purchases because many will charge you interest or come with a much shorter 0% period for spending.

  • 0% purchase cards offer an interest free period when you spend money on your new card but rarely offer competitive balance transfer deals.

Too many cards could harm your credit record

Applying for several cards at the same time could damage your credit record.

If you choose just one card with good enough deals on balance transfers and purchases, it could help protect your credit file.

See how much you could save

Our table above lists every credit card that offers both interest free purchases and balance transfers.

Use the calculator at the top to work out which card best fits your needs:

  1. Select the amount you need to transfer to your new card

  2. Choose how much you plan to spend on it

  3. Specify your current credit card provider

The table will then show you how much you could save with every 0% card. The biggest savings will be displayed first to help you choose the best one.