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There are plenty of reasons you might want to consider moving abroad. Whether it’s the freedom that working from home offers, or just wanting to experience a new culture or a bit of sunshine.
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But if you’re considering a move, where are the cities that offer the greatest quality of life for UK residents looking to move abroad? Last year we launched the Relocation Report, analysing a number of major cities on factors such as the weather, salaries and amenities.

Here’s how the world’s most popular destinations stack up this year.

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Best places to relocate in the world

A graphic of Best places to relocate in the world
1. San Francisco, United States - 7.76/10 relocation score

In first place for 2022 is San Francisco, California. San Francisco is one of the most popular destinations in the States with a thriving economy and of course, the beautiful Californian weather.

The city was the highest-ranking when it comes to potential earnings, with the average salary standing at £82,622, as well as for its average internet speed.

It’s not exactly a cheap place to call home, with a high cost of living, but if you can secure a job here, you’ll enjoy some of the best quality of life in the world.

2. Las Vegas, United States - 7.12/10 relocation score

People know Las Vegas as the Entertainment Capital of the World, but it could also be a great place to relocate to.

Aside from the famous Strip that everyone knows, Vegas has a number of pleasant suburban areas and is a fast-growing city.

It was among the highest-scoring cities we looked at for its restaurants and parks per capita, as well as its weather.

3. Miami, United States - 7.02/10 relocation score

Each of our three top destinations to relocate to can be found in the USA, with Miami taking third place.

Miami is known for its tropical climate, so while it scores highly for the average temperature, it does also experience a lot of rainfall too.

However, it was among the highest-scoring cities for its number of restaurants per capita, as well as for job opportunities too.

The relocation destination with the warmest weather

The relocation destination with the warmest weather - Dubai being first with 28.2 avergage annual temp
Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 28.2°C

Given it’s surrounded by desert on three sides, it's no surprise that Dubai in the UAE is the warmest place to relocate on this list, with annual temperatures averaging 28.2°C. Dubai enjoys sunny blue skies right through the year with slightly cooler winters.

The relocation destination with the least rain

The relocation destination with the least rain - abu dhabi leading with way with 42mm
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - 42mm

Unsurprisingly, just down the coast from Dubai another Middle Eastern destination has the lowest annual rainfall. Abu Dhabi receives just 42mm of rain a year, making it among the driest places in the world.

The relocation destination with the most parks

Graphic containing country with the most parks - coming in first is USA (seattle) with 16 per 100,000 people
Seattle, United States - 16 per 100,000 people

Having somewhere to relax and unwind from city life is important, and the city with the highest number of parks and nature attractions is Seattle, Washington. Notable examples include Green Lake, Discovery Park, Myrtle Edwards Park and Seward Park.

The relocation destination with the most restaurants

Graphic containing information on which country has the most resturants - Miami USA 1st
Miami, United States - 900 per 100,000 people

The city with the most restaurants is Miami, Florida, with 900 per 100,000 people. With a diverse population, Miami’s cuisine draws from Caribbean and Latin American food, and it’s also known for its seafood due to its location on the Atlantic Ocean.

The best-connected relocation destination

The best-connected relocation destination -  San Francisco, United States - 213.97 MB/s
San Francisco, United States - 213.97 MB/s

A strong and reliable internet connection is vital, especially if you’re planning to work remotely after relocating. The city with the fastest broadband connection, by some distance, is San Francisco, with an average download speed of 213.97 MB/s.

The best relocation destination for earnings

The best relocation destination for earnings - San Francisco, United States - £82,622 coming out top
San Francisco, United States - £82,622

Knowing that you’ll be able to make a decent living is a hugely important factor when deciding whether to relocate or not. In this regard, the city with the best-earning potential (based on average) is again San Francisco. However, it’s worth noting that the cost of living is also high here.

The best relocation destination for job opportunities

graphic containing The best relocation destination for job opportunities
Atlanta, United States - 65,781 listings per 100,000 people

As well as earnings, it’s important to know that you’re actually going to be able to find a job once you do relocate. The city with the most current openings per person is Atlanta, which has one of the largest and most diverse economies in the US.

The best coastal cities to live

graphic containing the top three coastal cities to relocate to
1. Miami, United States

If you want to relocate somewhere where you can enjoy the fresh sea air, then Miami just pips San Francisco. Miami is named the best coastal city to live. Known for its gorgeous beaches and the average sea temperature here is 26.3°C, giving it the edge over the colder waters of California.

2. San Francisco, United States

San Francisco comes in second here, as the city itself isn’t particularly known for its beaches and climate, with cooler winds than Miami. However, it’s still a great coastal destination, topping the rankings for nature & parks and download speeds.

3. Singapore

In third place is the city-state of Singapore, which has the warmest average sea temperatures of any city in this ranking at 29.1°C. Singapore is very diverse and has a thriving expat community with many Brits now living there.


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