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Here in the UK, the argument over which town has the best selection of pubs has raged for centuries, but who can claim the honour on a global scale?

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Whether a traditional pub, a trendy cocktail bar or a late-night superclub, having somewhere to go for a drink and meet up with friends at the end - or even the middle - of the week is important for many of us.

But where in the world can claim to have the most places to enjoy a pint per person? Having already revealed the places in the UK with the most options in Pubs to People, our mortgage experts have taken a look at the global cities that have the highest number of bars and clubs listed in Tripadvisor compared to their population.

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Cities with the most pubs per people

Graphic of the world map.

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Bars & clubs listed on Tripadvisor: 631

Population: 1,318,085

Bars & clubs listed per 100,000 people: 47.87

The Czech Republic is one of the highest beer consuming nations in the world, so perhaps it’s no surprise that Prague comes out on top as having the most drinking establishments per person, with 47.97 per 100,000 people.

The city has more than 600 bars listed on Tripadvisor, particularly in the districts of Malá Strana, Staré Město, Žižkov and Nusle, showcasing the best Czech beer from local breweries.

2. Las Vegas, United States

Bars & clubs listed on Tripadvisor: 283

Population: 675,592

Bars & clubs listed per 100,000 people: 41.89

The bright lights of Las Vegas attract millions of tourists every year, with the nightlife being at the top of the agenda for many visitors.

Billed as the Entertainment Capital of the World, Vegas is a 24-hour city with something to cater for any kind of night, with 41.89 bars listed for every 100,000 people.

3. Orlando, United States

Bars & clubs listed on Tripadvisor: 117

Population: 292,059

Bars & clubs listed per 100,000 people: 40.06

Another of America’s most popular tourist towns comes in third place, with Orlando, Florida, having just over 40 bars listed per 100,000 people.

Despite being a hugely popular destination, with lots of things to do (and places to drink!), Orlando is actually relatively small compared to many other major US cities, with a population of around 300,000 people.

Top 25 cities with the most pubs per person

RankCityBars & clubs listed on TripadvisorPopulationBars & clubs listed per 100,000 people
1Prague, Czech Republic6311,318,08547.87
2Las Vegas, United States283675,59241.89
3Orlando, United States117292,05940.06
4Edinburgh, United Kingdom188548,20634.29
5San Francisco, United States239884,10827.03
6Amsterdam, Netherlands2631,165,89822.56
7Kraków, Poland168769,59521.83
8Dublin, Republic of Ireland2511,255,96319.98
9Miami, United States89483,39518.41
10Tallinn, Estonia76451,77616.82
11Frankfurt, Germany112791,23214.16
12Budapest, Hungary2511,775,20714.14
13Berlin, Germany5023,570,75014.06
14Florence, Italy99709,91513.95
15Copenhagen, Denmark1661,370,13112.12
16Honolulu, United States41339,42112.08
17London, United Kingdom1,0689,540,57611.19
18Thessaloniki, Greece82813,79310.08
19Barcelona, Spain5225,658,4729.23
20Rome, Italy3914,297,8779.1
21Madrid, Spain5926,713,5578.82
22Milan, Italy2743,149,2238.7
23Munich, Germany1341,566,1288.56
24Venice, Italy49639,3527.66
25Vienna, Austria1481,960,0237.55

European cities with the highest beer consumption

World map showing beer consumption.

1. Prague, Czech Republic - 144 litres per person

Looking specifically at Europe, it’s no surprise to see our global bar winner - Prague - take the European crown - especially given the average beer consumption per person is 144 litres of beer each year.

As the Czech Republic is also one of the biggest beer-producing nations, perhaps this shouldn't be a surprise although it’s also likely that a lot of that consumption is down to tourists, not just locals.

2. Warsaw & Kraków, Poland - 127 litres per person

Two Polish cities come in joint second place, Warsaw & Kraków, with both consuming 127 litres of beer per person.

While Poland is perhaps a country more associated with vodka, beer consumption has been on the rise, and like Prague, both of these cities are popular party destinations for travellers.

3. Frankfurt, Munich & Berlin, Germany - 107 litres per person

And in third place, we have three German cities tied, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin, each with beer consumption of 107 litres per person.

Germany is another country known for its beer production so it makes sense to see these cities near the top of this list, with the famous Oktoberfest being a prime example of these cities’ love for beer.

Top 20 cities beer consumption per capita

RankCityAverage annual beer consumption per capita (l)
1Prague, Czech Republic144
2Warsaw, Poland127
2Kraków, Poland127
4Frankfurt, Germany107
4Munich, Germany107
4Berlin, Germany107
7Venice, Italy106
8Helsinki, Finland105
9Madrid, Spain104
9Seville, Spain104
9Málaga, Spain104
9Barcelona, Spain104
9Vienna, Austria104
14Dublin, Republic of Ireland93
15The Hague, Netherlands86
16Luxembourg City, Luxembourg83
17Reykjavík, Iceland82
18Brussels, Belgium81
19Dubrovnik, Croatia80
20Ljubljana, Slovenia78

US states with the highest alcohol consumption

Graphic showing binge drinking per state.

1. Wisconsin - 25.8% binge drinking prevalence

Looking over in the United States, the state with the highest number of binge drinkers is Wisconsin, with binge drinking being defined as five or more drinks in a single session for a man, or four or more for a woman.

2. Iowa - 24.5% binge drinking prevalence

Wisconsin’s neighbours in Iowa have the second-highest alcohol consumption, with 24.5% falling under the binge-drinking category.

3. North Dakota - 22.7% binge drinking prevalence

Another Midwestern state completes the top three US states, with North Dakota having a binge drinking prevalence of 22.7%.

Top 20 states binge drinking prevalence

RankStateBinge drinking prevalence
3North Dakota22.70%
4District of Columbia22.50%
6South Dakota22.30%
20New Hampshire18.30%


How many pubs are there in the UK?

Pubs are a common sight in cities, towns and villages across the UK and while many are closing down, there are still plenty open.

As of 2020, there were around 46,800 pubs in the UK, although this is down from 55,400 ten years previously and 60,800 in 2000.

While the most recent figures available relate to 2020, it’s likely that these numbers could be lower today due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on pubs.

What time do pubs close?

Pub opening times were changed throughout the coronavirus pandemic when a 10 pm curfew was imposed.

However now that curfew has been scrapped, so the time that pubs close is up to the owners, depending on their licence.

Many usually shut at around 11 pm, although some with a later licence may choose to stay open later.

When was smoking banned in pubs?

It was made illegal to smoke in pubs on July 1st 2007. This rule doesn’t just apply to pubs, but also to restaurants, nightclubs and most workplaces in the UK.

Breaking the smoking ban can result in a fine and since it was introduced in 2007 the number of people smoking has dropped, as have hospital admissions for heart attacks.

Which country has the most pubs per capita?

While recent data on the number of pubs per capita on a country isn’t available, a survey from 2017 suggested that Spain has the most.

Even the Spanish region of Andalucia alone had more bars than Ireland, Denmark, Finland and Norway combined, with 47,000 in total, with the country as a whole having 350,000.

Methodology and sources

For each city, the number of bars and clubs listed on Tripadvisor was sourced (as of March 8th 2022).

This was then calculated per 100,000 people in each city, with the population figures being sourced from World Population Review.

Data for the countries with the highest beer consumption was sourced from Statista and shows the average annual per capita consumption of beer.

Data for the states with the highest binge drinking was sourced from the CDC’s data on excessive drinking and shows the percentage of adults that binge drink (five or more drinks in a single session for a man, or four or more for a woman).

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