Most home insurance policies can cover flood damage, but if your home is in a flood risk area, or has been flooded before, it can be more difficult to find a policy.

Damage caused to your buildings and contents by flooding can be very expensive to put right, so some insurers will not cover homes at risk from flood damage.

How to get a quote

Look for a specialist insurer that can protect your property, and get a quote by visiting their website.

Some ask you to complete a contact form so they can get back to you to discuss your cover. Others let you get a quote online, but you need to answer questions about your property, like:

  • Is your home within 200 metres of any rivers, streams or other bodies of water?

  • If it is, how far from the water is your home (in meters or feet)?

  • How high above the water line is your property?

If your home has flooded in the past, you may be asked to confirm:

  • The date your home flooded

  • If your buildings were affected

  • The cause of the flood

  • The depth of the flood water

  • What precautions have been taken since, e.g. installing antiflood barriers or sandbags

The answers you give to these questions may determine whether or not the insurer can cover you, or what premium they charge you.

You should compare as many quotes as possible to find the best cover for you at the cheapest price.

Flood RE could help

Flood RE is a scheme designed to help people living in flood risk areas find affordable home insurance.

Insurers pay into a collective fund that can help keep policies cheaper. You can find insurers that are part of the Flood RE scheme here.

Here is more information on how Flood RE works, including which homes are eligible.