The right policy can cover the cost of replacing your contents if they are stolen or destroyed.

To find the best policy, think about:

  1. What you want to cover e.g. furniture, electrical appliance or valuables

  2. How much the contents you want to cover are worth

What is covered?

A contents insurance policy could offer:

  • Accidental damage protection: This covers any unintentional damage to your belongings, for example knocking your TV over.

  • New for old cover: Your insurer will replace broken or stolen items with a new one. Some policies only offer indemnity cover, which takes away the cost of wear and tear.

  • Personal possessions cover: This protects your contents outside your home, for example your mobile phone. This can be extended to cover you when you go abroad.

Check each policy carefully to make sure these benefits are included. Many insurers include them as standard, but others only offer them as an extra you need to pay for.

Calculate how much cover you need

Your policy should cover the cost of replacing all your belongings.

Most insurers set the claim limit based on the number of rooms in your home.

If the limit you are offered is not enough you can request a higher amount. To work out how much all your contents are worth go through each room and work out the value of:

  • Your sofas and other furniture

  • TV and electricals

  • Books, DVDs and computer games

  • Carpets, curtains and other soft furnishings

Cover your valuables

You can also cover your valuables, like jewellery and art work.

Most policies cover your valuables in two ways:

  • An individual cover limit per item, e.g. £2,000

  • An total cover limit for all your valuables, e.g. £15,000

Check the level of cover each insurer offers per valuable before you make a decision. Compare as many quotes as possible to find the right cover for you at the cheapest price.