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Make believe mortgages - How much would you have to spend to live in homes from films, TV and games?

We all remember playing The Sims, right? Spending hours painstakingly crafting your dream home from the ground up, complete with eight bedrooms, five swimming pools and a helipad, just in case. Sadly, the ‘motherlode’ cheat doesn’t work in the real world, and most of us have to pay for our home via a mortgage.
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Animal crossing on nintendo switch

We wanted to see how much that mortgage would cost when it comes to the fictional houses we see on screen. How much would Mario have to pay to live in his universe? What would the Roses have to fork out to live in their motel? Could Villanelle really afford that Parisian apartment on an assassin’s salary? 

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New Horizons: Animal Crossing house could set you back £1,500 a month.

Property listing: Fully upgraded house in Animal Crossing, New Horizons.

Property price: £359,339.60

Monthly mortgage: £1,533.63

Mario: Bowser’s Castle would cost a monster £18,602 a month 

Property listing: Bowser’s Castle, Mario Universe 

Property price: £4,358,279

Monthly mortgage: £18,602

Schitt’s Creek: Rosebud Motel is a pricey business to run at £11,350 a month

Property listing: Rosebud Motel, Schitt’s Creek

Property price: £2,659,667

Monthly mortgage: £11,350 

Killing Eve: Villanelle would take a hit of £4,597 a month for Paris pad

Property listing: Paris apartment, Killing Eve

Property price: £1,083,648

Monthly mortgage: £4,597 

The Lord of The Rings: Hobbits pay out a cool £5,121 a month for special home 

Property listing: Hobbit house, The Shire, Lord of The Rings

Property price: £1,200,000

Monthly mortgage: £5,121

Frozen: Elsa’s ice castle is a cool £11,398 a month

Property listing: Elsa’s ice castle, Frozen

Property price: £2,670,902

Monthly mortgage: £11,398

Can’t find the property you’re looking for? See how much other famous houses would cost with a mortgage. 

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The value of each fictional property was calculated individually based on canon information from the game, television show or film using location data and bedroom count and collated with real-life comparisons of average property prices in a corresponding area or a conversion from fictional to real currency.

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