You can apply for loans online through a lender's website, and you could get a decision on whether your application has been accepted in minutes.

This comparison includes every unsecured loan in the UK that you can apply for online, and also includes peer to peer borrowing.

Before you compare online loans, UK wide, work out exactly what you need to get the right borrowing for you.

What sort of loan do you need?

The help you find the best online loan for you, work out:

  • How much you need to borrow: Only borrow what you need to reduce the total amount you have to pay back

  • How long you want to borrow for: The shorter the term you choose, the less you will pay back in interest overall

This comparison shows how much each lender could offer, and what term you can borrow the money over.

How to compare online loans

Use this comparison to find an online loan that can offer the amount and term you want, and then look at:

  • The representative APR, which is the interest you are charged for borrowing. Look for a low rate to reduce how much you pay back in total.

  • The monthly payment, which is how much you will pay back each month. This is based on the interest rate, the term of the loan and how much you borrow.

  • Total cost of the loan, which is how much you will have paid back when you get to the end of the loan term. The shorter your term, the less you pay back in total.

Most lenders will show you this information before you make an application, or you can use our loan repayment calculator to work out how much each loan will cost.

Online loans can give you a quick decision, but you may get a better loan if you apply by phone or post. Compare all loans here to make sure you get the cheapest deal.