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Father's Day 2020 - a report uncovering the nation's gifting plans

With Father's Day fast approaching families across the country are planning how to celebrate the special day while still socially distancing. But how will the financial impact of COVID-19 affect their celebration plans?
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Celebrating Father's Day in 2020

With the usual pub and restaurant favourites still closed, we surveyed more than 2,000 people across the UK, to understand what Father's Day will look like in 2020.

We have also looked forward to seeing what activities children will partake in, once they're able to have some quality dad time back.

Additionally, we have provided you with our useful budgeting calculator. With our personalised tool, you can buy presents for your loved ones, on the right budget to suit you.

Socially distanced celebrations

Although the country is slowly reopening, there is no doubt we are still living in unusual times. Our research found that almost half the UK (45%) won’t be able to see their dad’s this Father’s Day. However, families are making plans to celebrate the important men in their lives in different ways. 

As with most special events under lockdown, this year most people will celebrate Father's Day via a video call... just remember to come off mute! Almost two-fifths (38%) of people are expected to be adjusting to celebrations on a Zoom call or through Facetime.

Additionally, 26% are to be wishing a good Father's Day from afar. People are using safe places such as the driveway to work around social distancing measures.

Meanwhile, one in five (19%) are planning to take advantage of outdoor spaces to enjoy a meal or a BBQ in the garden, while safely keeping two metres apart from one another.

A love of sport connects us with our dads

As lock down restrictions are being slowly lifted, we look forward to catching up on good times with loved ones.

We asked which activities grown-up children have missed most while they've been unable to spend time with their dad’s during lock down. 

As a country of sports lovers, it is unsurprising that almost a third of people (32%) miss watching sporting events together more than any other activity. 

Research also showed that a fifth of people are looking forward to spending quality time completing DIY projects with their dads. A quarter of people surveyed are simply looking forward to watching non sports-related TV together.

See below the list of activities that people are looking forward to enjoying with their father following lock down:

Updated 17 June 2020
Attending/watching sport (either on TV or live)32%
Watching TV (not including sport)24%

Spending on presents sees a decline

Living in such financial uncertainty, spending on Father’s Day is predicted to be significantly lower than in 2019. 

In fact spending on a gift for Father's Day is set to drop by a third compared to last year, down from £31 to £20. This is in line with trends from Mother’s Day, which took place at the start of lock down as sales dropped by almost 6%.

That said, figures show that we are much more inclined to spoil our mums than our dads. The overall average spend on Mother’s Day is £38, almost twice as much as we spend on our dads.

We have also uncovered how much we are spending on Father's Day across the country.

Updated 18 June 2020
CityFather's Day Spend 2020Father's Day Spend 2019Difference in £Percentage Change

Our experts have created this handy budgeting tool to help you plan your spending across the year so you know exactly what you need to save each month to afford the gifts you plan to give.


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About Salman Haqqi

View Salman Haqqi's full biography here or visit the money.co.uk press centre for our latest news.