Compare business prepaid cards

You could use these prepaid business cards to pay for general expenses or business trips and stay on top of your company's spending.

Compare another type of prepaid card

What type of prepaid card are you looking for?

How to get prepaid business cards?

You can apply for a card online through the provider's website. Use this comparison to find the business prepaid cards for your business by looking for one that:

  • Offers all the features you need

  • Charges the lowest fees

Check that your prepaid business account suits needs

Make sure the provider you choose can issue the number of cards you need for your company's expenses, and check how much additional cards cost.

Look at how each one lets you manage your account. You can usually use the provider's website or app to:

  • Check each card's balance and transactions

  • Top them up with more money

  • Order more cards

Can your business use the card abroad?

If you often travel abroad for work, check how much it costs to use each prepaid card in other countries.

Some cards let you load a foreign currency like euros or US dollars onto them. This means changes in exchange rates do not affect the balance on your card.

If you travel to several countries that have different currencies, look for a card that lets you load multiple currencies onto it.

How much it costs to use a prepaid card abroad and how to choose the right one

Do you make international payments?

Some providers also offer other services through your account like sending or receiving international payments. This can be useful if you often send money to other countries or receive payments from abroad.

Check the fees

Once you have found prepaid business cards that offer all the features your business needs, work out which is cheapest by comparing the costs.

Prepaid business cards usually charge fees for:

  • Buying the card

  • Keeping your account open (charged monthly or annually)

  • Withdrawing cash

  • Buying anything with the card

  • Loading money onto the card

If you need to use your prepaid business cards abroad, the exchange rate you get also affects how much the card costs.

Although exchange rates can change several times a day, check the rates each provider has offered in the past few weeks. This gives you an idea of which has the most competitive rates.

Prepaid business cards FAQs

Can I order foreign currencies in cash?

Yes, some providers let you order cash in a range of currencies through your account. This is usually delivered to you by post.

Can I make international payments?

Yes, some providers let you send or receive money from abroad through your online account.

Can I add a different amount to each card?

Yes, if your business has several cards, you can add a different balance to each one.

Is there a minimum amount I can pay on?

Yes, some cards can only be topped up by more than a minimum amount, e.g. £20.

Is there a maximum balance I can have on my card?

Yes, most providers specify a maximum amount you can hold on your card, e.g. £1,500. Some let you increase the maximum if you ask.

Can I get rewards with a corporate prepaid card?

Sometimes prepaid providers, MasterCard or Visa offer rewards like access to airline lounges or discounts, but they are more common with credit cards.

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