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Jessica Bown

Finance Writer

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Jessica Bown is an award-winning freelance journalist and editor who has been writing about personal finance for almost 20 years.

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Setting up a savings goal

Having a predetermined savings goal is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to start saving money. We investigate the various options available and offer some tips on how to start saving to make your dreams come true.

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Is it worth opening a savings account?

A savings account is an excellent place to start if you want to save for the future – whether that’s a holiday six months from now or your first home in five years’ time. Find out more about your options with our five-minute guide.

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Teddy bear with its paws in a jar of money

How to open a child's bank account

You can start saving for children’s futures as soon as they are born. But what sort of account should you choose? This guide explains the different options available, including what you need to open savings accounts and – for older children – current accounts in a child’s name.

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Apps to save you money

Can money-saving apps really give your bank balance a boost? And just how safe is your hard-earned cash once you start allowing apps to access your bank accounts? Here’s what you need to know.

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Can you really write of your debts - worried couple with bills

Can you really just write off your debts?

You can’t just borrow money and not pay it back. But while writing off your debts for free is not an option, there is help available if you’re struggling to pay back what you owe.

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