Our editorial policy

Money.co.uk is about more than just helping you choose a financial product.

We want to help you develop a good understanding of personal finance, so you can make well-informed choices over time.

To achieve this, our editorial team operates under a strict policy of putting our customers first. Here’s how it works:

1. We have no hidden agenda

We will help you understand your options so you can make the right financial choice for you and your circumstances, not for us or our commercial partners. If we don’t think a course of action is right or appropriate, we will say so. We want to help you understand your options, not make a financial mistake.

2. We write about what you want to know

We write our guides informed by what people are searching for around personal finance, and the types of products people are actually buying. It’s that simple.

3. We use independent experts to write our content

Our writing team includes a number of the UK’s best personal finance journalists and specialist writers. We select experts who have worked for a number of years, for leading consumer finance publications or newspapers. We do this because personal finance is a complex topic: we want to ensure you are getting accurate and authoritative information that will build your knowledge, from people who are used to being on the consumer’s side.

4. We continually check, update and improve our content

We are registered with the FCA, the independent watchdog which regulates financial services and protects your interests. As an FCA regulated site, our legal and ethical obligations matter to us a great deal, and we have a dedicated Compliance team to help us deliver them. We continually check and update our content for accuracy and freshness both before and after publication, and we use experts to double check our content and ensure we are getting it right. 

5. We write in plain English

We love writing about personal finance, but we realise not everyone shares our enthusiasm to the same extent, so we will always keep it simple, get to the point quickly and bring topics to life with examples, graphics, personal stories and case studies where relevant. We will minimise jargon and keep explanations straightforward - but also, we hope, in not an overly dry or boring way. 

6. We ensure our content reflects the make-up of our audience

We want to help everyone make better financial decisions, so we take inclusivity seriously, regularly auditing our content to ensure we are communicating in appropriate ways. We are committed to continually improving how we represent our audience on our pages. 

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