A buy to let mortgage lets you borrow money to buy a house that you can then rent out. It's sometimes known as a landlord mortgage, and allows you to let your property to tenants, students or as a holiday home.

You can compare the best deals using our comparison, which includes every buy to let (BTL) mortgage available in the UK.

To find the cheapest BTL mortgage, look for:

  • A low interest rate

  • Low fees for taking it out or even a fee free mortgage

  • A low early repayment charge for when you remortgage

What are buy to let mortgages?

You can use a buy to let mortgage to invest in a property you rent out to someone else. You cannot use a normal mortgage to do this.

Investing with a buy to let mortgage could let you make money either through the rent you charge, by selling the property at a profit, or both.

Are they the same as normal mortgages?

They work in the same way as residential mortgages and you can get them with fixed, tracker or variable rates.

However, they usually have different eligibility requirements and costs:

Can you get a buy to let mortgage?

When you apply, the lender decides if you can afford the mortgage before they offer it to you. They base their decision on:

  • How much rent you will be able to charge on the property. This needs to cover more than the repayments on the mortgage, usually 125% of what you pay each month.

  • Your finances, including how much you earn, your credit record and how much you have saved for a deposit.

Here are the eligibility requirements of buy to let mortgages so you can find out if you could get one.

How much they cost

Buy to let mortgages can be more expensive than residential mortgages because they often come with:

  • Higher interest rates

  • Higher fees for taking out the mortgage

  • A larger deposit* required: usually at least 25% of the property's value

*Many of the best deals require a deposit of at least 40%, meaning they have an LTV of 60%

Here is how buy to let mortgages work and how much they cost.

Other costs when you invest in property

You could also have to pay for the following with your property:

  • Letting agent fees

  • Renovations, repairs and improvements to the property

  • Safety equipment like smoke alarms and tests

  • Any furnishings or appliances you provide

  • Insurance to cover your buildings, contents, legal liabilities and rent

Here is how to get insurance for landlords to cover the risks of your buy to let investment.

Buy to let remortgages

If you already own a buy to let property, remortgaging can save you money if you can find a cheaper deal.

Use our comparison to find the BTL remortgages that suit your circumstances, and apply direct.

Buy to let mortgage FAQs


Can I get an interest only BTL mortgage?


Yes, many buy to let mortgage are interest only. They let you pay back only the interest owed on your mortgage, not the balance; here is how they work.


What is the maximum age I can get a BTL mortgage?


Some lenders offer mortgages that last until you are 85, but others have strict age restrictions. Here is how to get a mortgage when you are older.


Do I need a deposit to get a mortgage?


Yes, most mortgages need a deposit, and buy to let mortgages usually require a higher amount than when you buy your own home.


Do I need a specialist mortgage for a buy to let?


Yes, because you cannot use a residential mortgage for an investment property. The mortgages in this comparison can be used for buy to let.

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