If your house has a flat roof it can be harder to find an affordable home insurance policy.

Insurers may not cover your property if it has a flat roof because there is a higher risk of weather damage and theft.

How much of your roof is flat?

When you get a quote you need to know how much of your home's roof is flat. Many insurers will ask you to choose between:

  • None

  • Up to 25%

  • 25% to 50%

  • More than 50%

Some insurers will not offer you cover if more than 25% of the roof is flat. Your policy may not pay out if you give the wrong information, so work it out accurately.

How to work it out

You can find out how much of your roof is flat by:

  • Checking your homebuyer's survey: This should give the measurements of your roof so you can work out how much is flat.

  • Looking at Google Earth: This could show you an aerial view of your property so you can see how much of your roof is flat.

  • Asking a builder or surveyor: This may come at a cost, but they should be able to give you an accurate measurement of how much of your roof is flat.

Get the right cover for your home

After you have found policies that can cover your flat roof, think about:

Find a policy that offers enough protection to replace all your contents and covers the rebuild value of your home. Find out how to work out how much cover you need here.