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Make believe Christmas mortgages

Ever looked at The Grinch’s cave and thought, “I wish I could afford to live there”? Our mortgage comparison experts at money.co.uk have looked into how much the homes from Christmas classic films would cost to own, based on their size, location and nearby facilities. Start saving - some of these snowy stunners might just break the bank.
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Make Believe Mortgages Header Module- The Polar Express

We used our tables to compare mortgages to work out how much the monthly mortgage payments for each property based on a 10% deposit over 25 years.

The cost of this flat should come with an elf and safety warning

Film: Elf

Price: £2,841,716

Monthly mortgage: £12,128

While you might be able to buy the world’s best coffee just down the road, this apartment in the centre of New York comes with a price tag that could leave you a little short of spare change. Overlooking Central Park, the apartment comes with two large bedrooms, living room, dining room and gallery room, as well as a garden in the sky and space for your own private staff. 

You better not shout, you better not cry, this apartment won’t be around long, we’re sure you’ll see why.

The Polar Express is ideal for people on the go

Film: Polar Express

Price: £2,375,000

Monthly mortgage: £10,041


The most convenient home on the market, this fully working train is ideal for the everyday commuter. Featuring numerous magical carriages and a range of scarily realistic animated children, this train offers the perfect platform to host festive parties. 

Never be late for another morning meeting with a home as active as you are. 

Tom Hanks not included.

The house from Home Alone is definitely no steal 

Film: Home Alone

Price: £1,242,354

Monthly mortgage: £5,256

671, Lincoln Avenue, is a grand family home built in the 1920s. A red brick, Georgian property set on a half-acre plot of land, the home consists of a huge entrance hallway, kitchen, family dining room, oak staircase and enough bedrooms for parents, kids and relatives aplenty. You’ll want to welcome people to the party, pal, with so much space on offer. 

Be sure to mind your step as you head down to the basement and you may want to upgrade the boiler.

You’ll need to win the lotto to buy Santa’s Grotto

Film: Santa Claus: The Movie

Price: £1,202,272

Monthly mortgage: £5,131

This quaint, isolated property is much more than meets the eye. As if by magic, the property is actually much bigger inside that it looks at first sight, and comes complete with workshop, stables, sleeping accommodation for numerous workers and a family dwelling. 

While some of the fittings are smaller than ideal, the grotto more than makes up for it with its extensive range of toy making machinery and magic reindeer food. Don’t have reindeer? Rumour has it humans can enjoy it too, meaning you’ll be flying high if you choose to call the North Pole home.

This French chateau is quite expensive, actually

Film: Love Actually

Price: £968,902

Monthly mortgage: £4,135

The ultimate French retreat, this pool-side chateau offers an idyllic getaway from any troubles at home. Struggling to finish a book? Buy this chateau. Want to fall in love with a local cleaner? Chateau. Found your wife in bed with your brother? You know what you need to do. 

Sit on your own private pier and complete your masterpiece, or dry off indoors with unspoiled views across the French countryside. 

Cottage from The Holiday could be your forever home

Film: The Holiday

Price: £666,677

Monthly mortgage: £2,845


This surrey stunner has been known to inspire love, and it could be no different for you. If the name ‘Honeysuckle Cottage’ isn’t enough to steal your heart, we’re sure the local countryside, exposed timbers, log burner and bespoke kitchen will tip you over the edge. Ideally located on the London commuter belt, you’ll not want to swap this home with anyone. 

Just keep an eye out for the locals. They’re known to be heartthrobs.

You’d have to be a muppet to miss out on Bob Cratchet’s house

Film: Meet Me in St Louise

Price: £450,000

Monthly mortgage: £1,920

Set in an area that has increased in value significantly since Dickensian days, this Camden Town home is perfect for a city clicker looking to be at the heart of all the action. Make the most of all the local markets and culinary delights, or head off to explore the capital thanks to excellent transport links. What day is it? Well, it’ll feel like Christmas everyday with this well appointed one bedroom home in a thriving city hub.

The Grinch's Cave could be yours for a pinch

Film: The Grinch

Price: £287,667.

Monthly mortgage: £1,227


Set in the wonderfully named Mount Crumpit, The Grinch's cave comes complete with none of the amenities you’ll need for a modern dwelling, making it a perfect doer-upper. The entrance can be found in a scenic, snow-covered mountain top, set a few minutes sleigh ride away from the popular town of Whoville.

After passing the bark amplifier - a unique security feature sure sure to keep intruders at bay - you’ll arrive in an entrance hall full of rustic charm. The previous owner had a heart two sizes too small, making it difficult for him to do the work required to fulfil this property’s potential. 

Clear out the slime and rubbish and make the most of the incredible views, unlimited space for expansion and a carbon neutral energy supply. 

A dream house with nightmare neighbours

Film: A Nightmare before Christmas

Price: £214,699

Monthly mortgage: £916

A haunted house or simply untapped potential? We’ll leave that for you to decide as you explore this home with unparalleled rustic character. You’ll be asking yourself ‘What’s this?’ as you encounter all the unique fixtures and fittings, such as the bespoke outdoor staircase and intriguing views across to the ‘abandoned’ laboratory. 

While the area is far from desirable, you could soon own the best house on the worst street, making the most of the newfound festive spirit in the neighbourhood.

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The value of each fictional property was calculated individually based on canon information from the game, television show or film using location data and bedroom count and collated with real-life comparisons of average property prices in a corresponding area or a conversion from fictional to real currency.

To discover more Make Believe Mortgages, please visit money.co.uk's page, dedicated to uncovering the value of fictional favourite TV, Film and Gaming properties: https://www.money.co.uk/guides/make-believe-mortgages

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