MasterCard processes the transactions when you spend on your card and sends the money to the company you are buying from. MasterCard is not a credit card issuer.

Your credit card will be issued by a bank or financial company who also send you your monthly statement, take your bill payments, charge you fees and interest and handle any questions you have.

You can also get credit cards processed by Visa and American Express.

Should you choose a MasterCard credit card?

The main features you can only get from MasterCard credit cards are:

However, American Express and Visa offer their own fraud protection and benefits schemes too.

Choose the best credit card by looking for the type of card that suits how you want to use it instead of only looking for a MasterCard.

What type of card is right for you?

Cards for spending

Cards with rewards

Cards for paying off another balance

Cards for bad credit or first time borrowers

How to get the best MasterCard, UK wide?

You can find the best MasterCard credit card, for your needs, by using our comparison table above.

You can use it to compare every MasterCard deal offered by UK credit card providers by: