Insurance for static caravans is designed to protect your much valued holiday home against the unexpected.

A comprehensive static caravan insurance policy will not only cover your caravan for loss or damage due to theft, vandalism, fire, flood or storm but will also provide cover for the fixtures and fittings attached to your caravan (i.e. steps and verandas).

We show you what to look out for to get the best value static caravan insurance quotes:

New for old cover

Most policies offer new for old cover as standard for static caravans less than ten years old. This means that in the event of complete loss or irreparable damage to your caravan, the insurance company will cover the cost of a new replacement.

For static caravans over 10 years old, most insurance companies will payout the current market value in the event of a complete loss.

Some insurance companies enable you to cover your caravan with an 'agreed valuation'. If your caravan is especially good condition for its age and is likely to be worth more than the market value this may be worth looking into.

However, it is important to ensure that the amount specified on your policy would be sufficient to cover the cost of replacing your caravan and all of its associated fittings should the worst happen.

Insurance companies will only pay out the maximum amount specified on your policy even if this is less than the actual cost of replacement. Comparing static caravan insurance quotes on this figure is vital and will save you further comparison work later.

Policy features

It is important to choose a static caravan insurance policy that covers the cost of debris removal from your caravan site as well as re-siting costs.

You should also look for extras such as key and lock or freezer food cover. A insurance comparison will show many basic polices that exclude these.

Insurance for caravans may include an option to cover your personal possessions although this can be at an additional cost. As a result you should check whether your possessions are already covered by your home contents insurance - although if you regularly leave possessions in your caravan between visits it may be best to protect them with specific contents cover just in case.

Policy assumptions

Many insurance companies make certain 'assumptions' about your caravan and the site on which it resides - often these assumptions must be met in order for the policy to be valid.

Most insurance companies require your caravan to be situated on a licensed caravan site with security, regular surveillance and low risk of flood damage. They are also likely to require that you take basic security measures such as anchorage on all 4 corners of the chassis.

Compare static caravan insurance to check providers' terms and conditions so you can ensure you are always covered.

Many policies will, for example, require you to turn the water off at the mains, drain equipment and turn off the central heating system when the caravan is left unoccupied for any length of time.

Cover restrictions

If you have family and friends who want to use your static caravan for holidaying you should check whether your caravan would still be covered during their stay - often policies will agree to cover this as long as you are not charging rent.

Many policies include third party liability cover suitable for this type of use, designed to pay out if damage is sustained to an individual or property as a direct result of your caravan.

With static caravan insurance compare restrictions such as this against how you expect to use your caravan - if they clash, it's probably best to look at alternative policies or providers.

While insuring your static caravan is not a legal requirement, protecting such a valuable asset with a comprehensive policy means that should the worst happen you'll have the financial protection to ensure that your holiday home will be replaced.

Discounts are often available as rewards for the installation of extra security features or the use of a caravan site with 24 hour surveillance. Many insurers also offer the chance to build a no claims discount on your insurance.

As with every financial product, it is important to shop around and compare static caravan insurance so you get the deal you want without paying for things you don't.

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