If you plan to take your van overseas you need an insurance policy that gives you the right cover.

All insurers must give you at least third party van insurance when you drive in any European Union (EU) country, but this only the most basic level of cover.

Extended European van insurance

To get the same protection in Europe as you have in the UK, you may need to extend your policy to include European van insurance.

For example, if you have fully comprehensive van insurance, it gives you comprehensive cover when you drive in Europe too.

Some insurers include this cover as standard, but most offer it as an optional extra you need to pay for.

Find the right policy

To get the right European cover for your van, think about:

  • The length of your trip: Most policies only cover trips up to a certain length, so think about how long you will use your van abroad.

  • Your van: Find a policy that can cover the type of van you use. For example, some insurers do not cover vans over a certain value or weight.

  • Other cover options: Work out if you need to add any other cover options to your policy like breakdown cover, replacement vehicle or commercial use protection.

Once you know what cover you need from your van insurance, shop around and compare as many quotes as possible to find the right policy at the cheapest price.