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Actual rates may differ due to the fluctuating nature of currency exchange. For the latest rate please check with the provider.

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Tesco Bank Travel Money
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£750 gets you
121,444.80 kr
With Click & Collect you can order your Travel Money online and pick it up from selected Tesco stores, or you can have it delivered straight to your home. Tesco Bank offer competitive exchange rates and 0% commission on foreign currency.
Tesco Travel Money ordered online is provided by Travelex Currency Services Limited.
Available Direct
UK Residents

How to get the most Iceland currency for your money

You can find the best Icelandic krona exchange rate by comparing as many deals as possible. To get the right deal, you need to check:

  • If you can order the Icelandic krona amount you want: Some travel money companies only let you order over a set amount, or up to a set amount.

  • The exchange rate available: This tells you how much Icelandic krona you get for each pound you exchange. You can use our calculator to see the exchange deals for pound to Icelandic krona or Icelandic krona to pound.

  • If there are any fees: You may need to pay for delivery or collection when ordering your currency online. Not all companies charge for this, and those that do may only charge for smaller exchange amounts.

If you need to buy your travel money last minute, you can buy Icelandic krona at the airport, but you are unlikely to get the best exchange deal.

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How to pay for your Icelandic krona

When you buy Icelandic krona online, you can use one of your cards, but there may be extra charges to look out for.

It is free to use your debit card to buy foreign currency. However, if the amount you exchange forces you into an overdraft, you may get charged by your bank.

If you use your credit card, you will get charged a cash advance fee and daily interest by your credit card provider on the amount you exchange.

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Icelandic krona FAQs