You can use this comparison to check the rates offered by travel money companies. Exchange rates can change frequently, so this gives you a simple way to compare up-to-date rates next to each other.

To find the best pound to yuan deal:

  • Decide how much you want to exchange: This can either be how many pounds you want to exchange, or how many Chinese yuan you want. This will help you eliminate any companies from your search that do not offer the amount you want.

Then you can choose between:

  • Checking the exchange rates: This tells you how many Chinese yuan you get for each pound you exchange. The higher the rate, the more you get for your money.

  • Using the calculator at the top of this comparison: Enter how much you want to exchange, then the listings will update to show how much yuan you can get.

Look out for delivery fees when you order online, as this can result in exchanging less money.

For example, if you only have 250 to exchange, and there is a 5 delivery fee, you are only left with 245 to exchange.

Did you know?

The China currency rate is also represented as RMB, which is the abbreviation for renminbi. Renminbi is an alternative name for yuan, in the same way the UK has the pound and sterling.

You may need to select GBP to RMB when buying your currency online, or RMB to GBP if you are looking to exchange any leftover currency back.

Chinese yuan FAQs


Should I buy my Chinese yuan early or wait?


There is no guarantee the rate will be better or worse at any time, so it depends on how far in advance of your trip you want your travel money.


Is my travel money protected abroad?


No, unless you take out a travel insurance policy that covers your cash when you are abroad. You can compare travel insurance here.


What is commission?


It is the fee a travel money company charges for exchanging your money into a foreign currency.


How many currencies can I buy at once?


As many as you like, but most companies will have a maximum total amount of money you can buy at one time.