Compare Brazilian real exchange rates

Compare Brazilian real rates today and find the deal that gets you the most for your trip to Brazil.

Actual rates may differ due to the fluctuating nature of currency exchange. For the latest rate please check with the provider.

How to get the best Brazil currency exchange deal

You can find the best Brazilian real (R$) deal by comparing as many travel money companies as possible.

You might get a better Brazil exchange rate for larger amounts. Try to exchange your money in one go to improve your chances of getting the best deal.

To see how many Brazilian real you get from each company, use our currency calculator at the top of this comparison.

What else do you need to consider?

When you know the amount you want to exchange, start your search by checking:

  • The pound to Brazilian real exchange rate offered: This is how much you get for each pound you exchange. The higher the rate offered, the more you get.

  • Any fees that may apply: Some travel money companies will charge a fee when you choose to have your currency delivered to you.

You may find that the best exchange rate doesn't give you the most for your money, for example, if you had £500 to exchange:

A rate of 5.09 with a delivery fee of £5 would leave you with £495 to exchange. You would get 2,519.55 R$.

A lower rate of 5.07 with no delivery fee would mean you can exchange the full £500. This would give you 2,535 R$.

Take off any costs from the amount you want to exchange, like delivery fees. This will help you make a fair comparison and show you the best deals for the money you have.

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