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8 easy ways to cut your travel insurance costs

Matt Fernell photo
Written by Matt Fernell, Financial Content Writer

4 May 2018

Travel insurance could save you thousands if something goes wrong when you are away, but do not pay over the odds for cover. Try these 8 ways to keep the cost down.


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Shop around for quotes

The best way to get a good deal is to get travel insurance quotes from as many providers as you can to find the cheapest option.

The cost can vary widely between insurers, so it is worth shopping around before you choose a policy.

Do not just opt for the cheapest option though, as it may not protect you fully if you need to make a claim. Find a policy that offers all the cover you need, at the best price.

Compare travel insurance

Avoid travel agents

If you buy your holiday from a travel agent or tour operator they may offer you a travel insurance policy to go with it.

Never accept their offer without shopping around first. Their policies are often more expensive and they may not offer the level of cover you need.

It pays to find your own standalone policy instead.

Buy online

The best travel insurance deals can usually be found online.

You will get a wider selection of policies to choose from because some providers only operate online.

Many insurers also offer discounts of 10% or 20% if you apply online because it keeps their costs down.

Save with an annual policy

Make the right choice between a single trip and an annual travel insurance policy and it can really cut the cost of your cover.

Single trip will protect you for just one holiday, while annual policies will cover your for travel over 12 months.

If you are going away several times in a year, you can save by getting annual cover. If you are only travelling once or twice, single trip policies usually work out to be more affordable.

Here is how to work out whether you need single trip or annual travel insurance.

Should you get single trip or annual travel insurance?

Only get the cover you need

It is vital to check you are fully covered before you travel, or you could face bills of thousands of pounds if you fall ill or are injured.

You should also check that you are not paying extra for cover you will not need. Avoid extras like extreme or adventure sports cover if you are planning a relaxing beach holiday.

Many policies let you remove cover like personal possessions and baggage cover. If you have home insurance that covers your belongings overseas, consider removing it from the travel cover to reduce the cost.

Avoid paying twice

You may already have travel insurance without knowing it.

Check that you do not already have cover as an added feature with a packaged current account or credit card that you already hold.

If you do, make sure you check the policy carefully as they will usually only offer a basic level of cover. If you cannot upgrade the policy to suit your holiday then you should look to get separate cover.

Get a family policy

If you are travelling with your partner and children, family travel insurance that covers everyone may be cheaper than separate policies.

It is worth getting quotes for individual policies to make sure family travel insurance works out cheaper.

Find out more about family cover, including who it can protect, here.

Compare travel insurance here

Remember your EHIC

You can still get a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that provides some medical cover in most of Europe.

It gives you access to state-provided healthcare when you travel to European Economic Area (EEA) countries. Find out more, including how you can get an EHIC, in this guide.

This is not a replacement for travel insurance, but can be used alongside your policy and your insurer may waive the excess for a medical claim if you use your card.

NHS website — How to apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

For all your travel essentials in one place, visit our Travel Hub.

Make sure you get the best possible cover when you go away by comparing travel insurance deals. You can find the cover you need at the right price whatever your travel plans.

Compare travel insurance

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