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Home improvements and redecorating have become hot topics, especially as we finally welcome guests back to socialise in our neglected entertaining spaces. The Designer Desire report by has analysed Pinterest data to reveal the most lusted after interior design styles that inspire how we decorate.
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As a result of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, a huge number of individuals have spent the past year updating their homes and carrying out DIY jobs that were previously too time-consuming to commit to. In fact, we’ve previously reported that almost two-thirds (65%) of homeowners invested in renovating their properties last year.

With shops back open and house-envy a thing once again, the consumer spending experts at have taken to Pinterest and analysed some of the most lusted after interior design styles that inspire how we decorate.

So, whether your interior design knowledge could rival that of Laurence Llewewllyn Bowen, or you have absolutely no clue how mid-century modern differs from minimalist chic, our report aims to reveal the most frequently pinned interior designs to offer up some food for thought on what may or may not work in your own home. 

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Industrial is the most lusted after interior design style

Updated 12 August 2021
Interior design stylesNumber of interior style pins
Modern Farmhouse420,232
Shabby chic319,225
French country291,484
Mid-Century Modern179,300
Urban Modern143,269
Art deco30,692
American Colonial27,431
Hollywood glam23,826
Asian Zen6,048

Choosing the interior style that best suits yourself and your home can be difficult and shouldn’t be rushed. Not only will the theme you eventually decide on set the tone and aesthetic of your home for years to come, it could also mean a substantial financial investment on your part to ensure each element is precisely what you want. 

It’s perhaps no wonder then that interior lovers spend such a long time perusing Pinterest boards while deliberating over the best styles, trends, patterns and colour themes. 

If you’re currently struggling for interior inspiration on a home revamp, our analysis of  Pinterest data indicates the most lusted after interior design style is industrial, with 683,480 boards exclusively dedicated to this popular theme. 

Bare brick, rough textures, and solid structures sum up the ethos of the industrial look. The style aims to celebrate the modernist eye for efficiency and functionality by transforming beams, columns, pipes, ducts and flanges into the working parts of a building. 

The second and third most commonly pinned themes were found to be modern and modern farmhouse, with 478,608 and 420,232 boards respectively. These preferences amongst Pinterest users seem to indicate that clean lines, geometric form and clear open spaces are what homeowners are looking for when putting their own stamp on a property. 

Sam Hood, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Amara comments on three of the most popular interior design styles:

"While trends come and go, certain key styles of interior design endure the test of time such as the following:

"Industrial - bare brick, rough textures, and solid structures are synonymous with this sought after, relaxed and effortless NYC loft look. Mix and pair unexpected materials, shapes and finishes together but stay restrained so things are harmonious.

"Modern Farmhouse/Country – this look epitomises simple living and a love of the great outdoors. On its surface, it’s all roaring fireplaces, mismatched hand-me-down furniture and a love of chintz. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that this décor is so much more. An eclectic mix of well-used and well-loved pieces, familiar textures & plenty of functional-not-fussy style.

"Contemporary - glass and metal in clean lines is current, modern and constantly evolving. Today this means clean, unadorned spaces using contemporary materials and intricate details are kept to a minimum."

The most replicated interior styles in different rooms of a home

Whether you're planning to tackle the renovation of an entire house, transform your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary, or update your living room into a cosy and welcoming retreat, our report has delved into the specific styles and themes being replicated the most frequently within different areas of the home.  

Modern interiors are the most desired across kitchen, living and dining rooms

Updated 12 August 2021
Interior Design StylesNumber of pins for interior style + kitchenNumber of pins for interior style + living roomNumber of pins for interior style + dining room
Modern Farmhouse170,585186,930127,945
French country134,100105,68873,067
Shabby chic110,52480,895111,926
Urban Modern53,86742,3289,001
Art deco47,01447,87127,234
Mid-Century Modern33,052117,110109,979
American Colonial3,52311,964300
Hollywood glam2,6037,4051,502
Asian Zen1,9502,5902,034

Modern design and decor celebrates the fusion of natural materials, neutral or earthy tones, and monochromatic colours that promote functionality as well as beauty. Unsurprisingly, pins showcasing the modern design style prove to be the most popular among those redecorating  their kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms, arguably the busiest spaces in a 21st century household.

This modern ethos creates the perfect recipe for a clutter-free cooking area, with 284,528 kitchen-specific boards dedicated to the modern theme on Pinterest. 

From decor to design to furniture and finishing touches, those looking to revamp their living rooms are also taking inspiration from modern decor, with a staggering 382,329 Pinterest boards focused on the clean lines and minimalist approach associated with the style. 

Overtaking both traditional and contemporary themes, modern interior decor also takes centre stage as the style most commonly pinned for dining room inspiration. With 190,857 Pinterest boards of decor ideas available, those planning to revamp their dining areas with a twist inspired by the early to mid-20th century are certainly spoiled for choice.

Updated 12 August 2021
Interior design style + bedroomNumber of pins
Modern Farmhouse353,743
Shabby chic169,476
French country86,843
Mid-Century Modern68,728
Urban Modern29,283
Hollywood glam19,252
Art deco11,913
Asian Zen2,258
American Colonial1,157

Comfy, cosy and full of welcoming charm; you don’t have to live in the countryside in order to appreciate the beauty of farmhouse decor. The key to this interior style is to embrace the casual, rural, country vibe, then add in your own personal twists to create a clean and warm atmosphere that you won’t ever want to leave.

The casual feel associated with modern farmhouse is the most-pinned bedroom theme, with 353,743 boards. 

Also proving popular with those looking to renovate their bedrooms is the rustic interior style, which has a dedicated 297,672 boards. The rustic style creates a peaceful and comfortable space with nods to old-fashioned decor, just perfect for drifting off to sleep night after night.

Following closely behind is the contemporary interior style, with 255,082 bedroom focused boards. This ever-evolving style is a fantastic choice for those that want to try something new and chic and sleek with their interior design plans, but in a more private and reserved area of the home.

Rustic decor takes the lead in desirable bathroom design 

Updated 12 August 2021
Interior design style + bathroomNumber of pins
Modern Farmhouse175,443
Mid-Century Modern158,640
Shabby chic84,170
French country84,095
Art deco47,374
Urban Modern29,228
Hollywood glam4,143
Asian Zen1,442
American Colonial888

The bathroom is the ideal space to unwind with a hot bath and some relaxing candles and scents after a long day. The homely feel demonstrated in rustic design, thanks to its use of reclaimed wood, galvanized metal, rough stone and cast iron, work together perfectly in achieving this natural look. 

These less polished materials will give any room an immediate sense of character, and our data proves that the rustic style is extremely coveted when it comes to bathroom makeovers  with 252,014 Pinterest boards. 

The next most desired bathroom style emerged as modern décor, with 235,010 Pinterest boards dedicated to the geometrical shapes, neutral colours and modern simplicity that typically accompany modern bathroom interiors. 

Eclectic designs, favoured by those wanting to create a unique, one-of-a-kind look in their bathrooms by mixing an array of different styles, came in third with 225,900 dedicated Pinterest boards. 

The most desired high street homeware brands revealed

Updated 12 August 2021
Interior design brandsNumber of pins
H&M Home983,700
Not On The High Street277,456
Zara Home49,241
Urban Outfitters Home49,089
Wayfair 44,373
John Lewis27,068
Marks and Spencer 11,660

Whether you're looking to implement some general home improvements on a budget, craving some thrifty scandinavian simplicity or simply want to create a cosy and not-so-costly retreat; our Designer Desire Report shines a spotlight on the high street interior brands being monitored the most closely across Pinterest boards. 

H&M Home takes the top spot as the most popular high street brand for interior design buys, with the retailer boasting an impressive 983,700 boards dedicated to its homeware range. 

The two brands offering divine decor on the high street, and rounding off the top three are Habitat and Not On The High Street, with 788,721 and 277,456 dedicated Pinterest boards respectively.

Luxe List: Most lusted after luxury interior design brands 

Next, we’re turning our attention from save to splurge in order to analyse which of the  world’s luxury homeware brands offers up the most inspiring examples of premium design to Pinterest users.

Updated 12 August 2021
Interior design brandNumber of pins
Ralph Lauren79,882
Maisons du Monde65,305
Ferm Living52,679
West Elm51,454
Morris & Co44,208
Soho Home30,330
Fendi Casa28,470
Tom Dixon27,389
Pinch 20,214
Armani Home18,703
French Connection16,868
Oliver Bonas12,205
The White Company10,657
Calvin Klein Home10,082
House Doctor9,692
Roberto Cavalli home8,484
Missoni Home7,879
Conran Shop6,708
Hugo Boss Home6,500
Rockett St George 3,509
Mulberry Home2,532
Lacoste Home1,133

Whether due to its modern and highly sought-after designs, or the high-quality materials used across all ranges, emerged as the brand luxury interior lovers are taking the most inspiration from.   

A total of 232,113 boards dedicated to the design-led furniture and accessories brand currently exist on Pinterest, a figure that’s even more impressive taking into account the fact that the London-based brand was only founded 10 years ago. 

Taking second place as the most-pinned luxury interior brand is bohemian (yet luxe) inspired retailer Anthropologie, with 157,668 Pinterest boards. As well as kitchenware and the glorious serveware designed for entertaining, the retailer's furniture collection - which includes chairs, sofas, beds, dressers and tables, are all equally as stunning. 

The huge worldwide appeal of Anthropologie’s interior offering is clear to see from its onsite reviews, and proves that for many, an investment in a piece of furniture or homeware built to last is worth the extra financial sacrifice. 

In third place is the iconic global leader in design Ralph Lauren, with 79,882 Pinterest boards dedicated to the brands home and accessories range. 

Revealed: The interior designers inspiring home makeovers 

Our Designer Desire Report looks at 40 of the most popular interior designers and their signature styles, in order to determine which are being replicated the most commonly by those planning a home makeover. 

Updated 12 August 2021
Interior designers Number of pins
Kelly Wearstler75,777
Joanna Gaines71,039
Georg Jensen69,230
Emily Henderson50,677
Kelly Hoppen45,553
Jonathan Adler29,817
Pierre Frey16,452
Tom Dixon15,932
Michael Aram15,198
Giorgio Armani14,808
India Mahdavi14,017
Martyn Lawrence Bullard12,882
Greg Natale11,173
Justina Blakeney9,440
Timothy Corrigan8,289
Sophie Paterson6,549
Bobby Berk6,353
Gisela Graham4,697
Sheila Bridges4,604
Anna Fendi4,470
Tiffany Brooks4,342
Kit Kemp4,071
Charlotte Jade3,768
Anna Hayman3,554
Bill Bensley3,056
Sophie Conran2,613
Emma J Shipley2,509
Lee Broom2,492
Angelo Cappellini2,020
Florence Lopez1,680
Tori Murphy1,467
Robert McKinley1,346
Eva Sonaike1,345
Ghislaine Viñas1,260
Jan Constantine1,004
Alexandre Turpault785
Gabriel Scott614
Alfredo Paredes601
Elliott Barnes528
Anissa Kermiche467

American Kelly Wearstler takes the top spot as the most duplicated designer. The business owner has spent decades honing a unique style that has been influential in serving hotel industries, high-end residential, commercial, retail and hospitality spaces.

Wearstler’s multi-layered, stimulating sensory experience is at the center of her approach, and the 75,777 Pinterest boards associated with her name prove just how passionate interior lovers are when it comes to replicating her contemporary and vintage designs.

Joanna Gaines claims second place as the most popular interior designer for home revamp inspiration, with 71,039 Pinterest boards. 

In third is Danish designer Georg Jensen, whose interior designs represent quality craftsmanship and a timeless aesthetic design. His nature-inspired designs have proven extremely accessible, highlighted by the 69,230 Pinterest boards showcasing his distinct  style. 

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About Salman Haqqi

Salman is our personal finance editor with over 10 years’ experience as a journalist. He has previously written for Finder and regularly provides his expert view on financial and consumer spending issues for local and national press.

View Salman Haqqi's full biography here or visit the press centre for our latest news.