If your home and belongings are worth a lot of money, you may find it difficult to find a home insurance policy that offers the cover you need.

High net worth home insurance can give you cover levels that are much higher than those offered by most policies.

What does it cover?

High net worth home insurance includes:

  • Buildings insurance: Some policies can offer unlimited cover, or high limits of up to £12,000,000. Always check how much each insurer will cover you for.

  • Contents insurance: High net worth policies can offer cover limits of £250,000 or more for your contents, and some offer unlimited contents cover.

  • Valuables cover: Cover usually includes higher limits for your valuables, like jewellery, and some policies offer unlimited cover. Check what cover per valuable each insurer offers.

Some policies also offer extra benefits designed for expensive homes and contents:

  • Worldwide cover for your contents as standard

  • Access to services like security safe installers and legal advisers

  • Cover for non standard properties, e.g. homes with more than six bedrooms

  • Specialist fine art cover, including help valuing your items

How to get the right policy

You need to consider:

  1. 1.

    Do you need it? If your rebuild value is less than £1,000,000 and you need less than £200,000 contents cover you could get a better deal with standard home insurance.

  2. 2.

    What do you need it to cover? Look for the policy that offers the protection you need. For example, if you own fine art look for a policy that offers specialist cover for this.

  3. 3.

    Compare the policies that offer the cover you need to find the best deal.