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What are the pros and cons of property development?

Developing property is risky business, though your returns can be spectacular, the losses can be devastating to your finances. We explore the pros and cons that could turn your investment dream into a nightmare.

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Is property development as easy as it looks?

The popularity of home buying shows has led to a boom in property development as a means of investing.

These shows provide examples of just some of the possible outcomes when buying a property to develop and sell on and often don't give you the full picture.

If you're considering investing your money into property rather than savings and investments then it's important that you understand how the risks can sometimes outweigh the benefits. We examine the pros and cons of property development below:



      Are you ready to invest in property?

      Although there are more cons than pros listed above, it all comes down to your personal circumstances. If you walk the path of a property developer then it's best to be prepared for both the good and the bad.

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      Do you have what it takes to go into property development?

      TV shows make property development look ridiculously easy and a sure-fire way to make money, but what does it really involve and is it for you?

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      How to invest in property

      If you have grand designs on property investment, you'll need to get your finances into gear. We show you how to work out if property development is a realistic dream and how to make it happen.

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