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Whether you use your laptop for work or play, compare insurance policies that can cover things like accidental damage, theft or breakdown.

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Switched On Insurance Laptop Insurance
Policy details
Maximum cover: £3,000, Excess: from £50
Cover options
Accidental damage, breakdown, theft & loss
Monthly cost
From £5.25
Offering great value cover across a huge range of gadgets our cancel anytime policies provide immediate protection, unlimited claims, fast repairs, and replacements, plus 24/7 online claims. Rated Excellent on Trustpilot (Mar 21). T&Cs Apply.
Minimum Age16 years
Permanent UK Resident

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Last updated: 17 August 2020

How to get the right laptop insurance

Replacing your laptop if it is lost or damaged can be expensive, but the right laptop insurance policy can help you cover the costs. This comparison will help you find laptop insurance, UK wide, but first you should think about:

  • What risks you need to protect your laptop against

  • Whether you are already covered by another policy

You can then compare quotes from a range of insurers, to find the best laptop insurance for you at the cheapest price.

Find the laptop insurance cover you need

Think about how you use your laptop to work out what level of cover you need and find best laptop insurance for your situation. Most insurers can cover:

  • Mechanical breakdown: This covers repairing or replacing your laptop if it stops working. It also covers broken buttons, frozen screens and faulty batteries.

  • Accidental damage: Laptop accidental damage insurance covers things like cracked screens, dropping your laptop or liquid damage caused by spills.

  • Loss: This covers replacing your laptop if you accidentally lose it, although it may cost extra to add this to your policy.

  • Theft: This covers your laptop if it is stolen forcibly. For example, you will not be covered if your laptop is stolen while unattended in a café.

  • Worldwide: This covers your laptop if you travel abroad, usually for up to 90 days.

If you use your laptop for work, you may need to consider getting a business laptop insurance policy, otherwise you may not be covered.

Are you already covered?

Before you buy laptop insurance, check to see if you are already covered elsewhere:

  • Your warranty: If you just want to protect your laptop against mechanical breakdown, check to see if it is still under warranty. This covers repairs or replacement if your laptop stops working, usually 1-3 years after you have bought it.

  • Home insurance: If you just want to cover your laptop while it is in your home, check your contents insurance. Some policies also include accidental worldwide damage cover, but the excess may be higher than with gadget insurance.

Depending on your circumstances, it may be cheaper to buy separate laptop insurance, because claiming on your home insurance could put the cost of your premium up.

If you are a student, you may also need separate laptop insurance to protect your items away from home.

Here is how to decide if you should get gadget insurance

Laptop insurance FAQs

Will be laptop already be covered by its warranty?

It may already be covered for mechanical breakdown if it is still under warranty. However, you cannot claim for loss, theft or accidental damage.

Can I claim for damage to my laptop case?

It depends on the insurer, but you may have limited cover for accessories. For example, a £100 limit if the accessories were lost or stolen with your laptop.

Will my laptop be covered if it is stolen from my car?

Even the best laptop insurance providers do not cover laptops stolen from unattended cars, unless they are locked out of sight. Check the terms and conditions for full details.

Is my laptop covered by my home insurance?

Your laptop may be covered by your home insurance, but some things may not be covered. The excess may also be higher than with a laptop policy.

Can I cover my laptop and other gadgets on one policy?

Yes, most insurers offer a discount if you cover more than one device on the same policy. Compare multi gadget insurance here.

Can I claim for lost music or software?

Most insurers do not cover lost data, but some offer limited cover for paid music or downloads. Back up to a separate hard drive to avoid losing data.

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