If you drive a taxi cab for a living you must have a specialist taxi insurance policy in place.

You cannot drive a taxi professionally with a standard car insurance policy.

Find the right policy for your taxi

There are two types of taxi insurance policy:

  1. 1.

    Public hire: These are taxis that do not need to be pre-booked, and can be hailed down by customers from the street or taxi ranks and include London black cabs.

  2. 2.

    Private hire: This type of taxi must be booked in advance and includes larger cabs like minicabs and large multi purpose vehicles (MPVs).

You must specify the type of taxi you use when you apply for a quote. You will not be able to drive a public hire taxi with a private hire policy and vice versa.

Look out for public liability cover

This is important because it will protect you if:

  • A customer suffers injury in your cab

  • A customer's property is damaged

You will also be covered against any legal or compensation claims you face as a result of the above.

Our comparison shows the maximum public liability cover the taxi insurance companies offer, but the amount may vary depending on the quote you get.

Legal claims can run into the millions of pounds, so look for as much cover as possible.

What extras can you add?

Taxi insurance offers other specific types of cover that are not included in a car insurance policy:

  • Personal use cover: You will need to include this in your taxi insurance policy if you plan to use your cab for personal use when you are not working.

  • Unlimited mileage cover: Taxi insurance policies usually set maximum number of miles you will be covered to drive each year. This cover will mean you will not be charged for driving too much.

If you need either of these types of cover, make sure you choose a policy that includes them.

Taxi insurance FAQs


How can I get cheaper taxi insurance?


The best way is to compare quotes using the above table. You could also lower your costs by installing CCTV, or by trying these tips.


Can I get taxi insurance?


Yes, as long as you are a full time taxi driver that has held a valid driving licence for three years and have lived in the UK for at least five years.


Can I drive a taxi with a car insurance policy?


No, if your work as a taxi driver you must have a specialist taxi insurance policy in place, car insurance will not cover you.


Is taxi insurance more expensive than car insurance?


Yes, it is on average because taxis travel more miles and are larger than most cars. Carrying customers also increases the risk of personal injury claims.


Does taxi cover the same things as car insurance?


Yes, and it also covers things like public liability to protect you when you have customers in your taxi.


Does taxi insurance include breakdown cover?


No, most taxi insurance policies will not include breakdown cover, but you may be able to add it. Alternatively compare breakdown policies here.


Will I be covered against lost fares?


No, most insurers will not cover against lost fares, including a customer not paying, as the fare will be less than the excess due.

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