When you reach your 50s you will be in one of the cheapest age groups for car insurance, but you should still never accept the first quote you find.

Compare as many quotes as you can

This is the best way to find the cheapest deal. You can use our broker to find over 50s car insurance quotes.

You could find yourself out of pocket in the future if you do not get the level of cover you need, so do not buy your policy on price alone.

For example, if you choose a third party, fire and theft policy you would not be covered for any damage to your car in an accident that was your fault, so you would need to pay for your repairs yourself.

Other ways to pay less

If you want to cut the cost even more you can look at:

  • Paying upfront: Paying in one go will usually work out cheaper than paying in instalments because most insurers add interest of up to 30% for paying monthly.

  • Multi car insurance: You get a discount for covering two or more cars with the same insurer. Here is how multi car insurance works, and you can find quotes here.

Try these 10 ways to cut the cost of your car insurance for more help reducing your premium.

Should you pay for extra cover?

Customising your policy with extra benefits will increase the cost, but it can improve your cover.

Some of the extras you can add include:

Here are more details on all the car insurance extras that could be worth having.

Think about whether the extra cover is worth the additional cost, or find a policy that offers these extras as standard.