Yes, but it costs more and not many insurers will cover you. Our table shows car insurance companies that offer car insurance to convicted drivers.

Insurers consider drivers with previous convictions, or points on their licence, more likely to be involved in expensive claims, so they charge them more.

Even though you will pay more, you can still cut the cost buy comparing quotes to find the best deal.

What convictions are accepted?

Most will still offer cover if you were previously convicted of:

  • Drink driving

  • Speeding

  • Non-driving related criminal convictions

Some insurers may also accept convictions for driving without insurance, dangerous driving and driving without a licence.

Check the policy before you apply to make sure you can get cover with your conviction, and be prepared to find that many insurers may charge you more as a result.

If you have been disqualified from driving, you cannot get a policy until you have served your ban.

Do you need to declare your convictions?

Yes, you must declare any unspent convictions when asked by your insurer.

When you have served the rehabilitation period of your conviction it becomes spent and you no longer have to disclose it. You can use the Unlock website to find out if your convictions are spent.

Your car insurance policy will be invalid if you do not declare your convictions, and any claim you make will be rejected.

How to find convicted driver insurance

Work out what level of cover you need, and then get as many quotes as possible.

Some insurers will charge you much more if you have previous convictions, or not cover you at all so it pays to get quotes from specialist companies.

There are other ways to reduce the cost of convicted driver cover, try these 10 top tips for cutting your car insurance costs.