Black box (also known as telematics) car insurance can offer cheaper car insurance by monitoring your driving. If you drive safely you could pay less for your cover.

Who is black box insurance for?

  • Drivers with previous convictions

  • Anyone struggling to find an affordable policy

Who is black box insurance not for?

If you have built up at least five years no claims bonus, black box insurance will not save you any more money as you will usually get up to 75% off on a standard car insurance policy.

Look out for driving restrictions

Most black box policies limit when and how much you drive, for example:

  • Driving curfews: You may be charged extra if you drive at dangerous times, for example between 11pm and 5am or during rush hour.

  • Mileage limits: This is maximum distance you can drive, for example 10,000 miles per year. You will have to pay per mile if you exceed the limit.

So, if you have to drive at night for work look for a policy with no driving curfew because you could face a charge of up to £100 if you break it.

Look out for extra fees

Some black box policies charge fees that you will not face with standard car insurance, such as installation which can cost up to £50.

You should also think about costs you may have to pay after you have taken out your policy:

  • Changing car: up to £100

  • Damage to the box: up to £150 if deliberate and your policy could be cancelled

Make sure you get the right level of car insurance too, and do not just focus on finding the cheapest black box policy.