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With roadside breakdown cover, a mechanic will try to fix your car at the roadside or take it to a garage to repair. Compare these companies that offer roadside cover so you are not left stranded.

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RAC Breakdown Cover
Policy basis
Person or vehicle
Cover options
Roadside, recovery & home service
From £50
Green Flag Breakdown Cover
Policy basis
Person or vehicle
Cover options
Roadside, recovery & home service
From £25
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How to find the best roadside breakdown cover

Last updated: 15 September 2020

To get the best roadside assistance cover, think about:

  • Whether you want your roadside assistance cover as a personal or vehicle policy: A personal roadside assistance policy protects you as a driver or passenger in any car. Vehicle roadside assistance cover protects one specific vehicle.

  • Where you want to be covered: With roadside assistance, UK providers will usually only start your cover once you are a set distance away from home. This can be over a quarter of a mile, but some roadside assistance policies only protect you when you are more than a mile away.

  • If you need extra cover: You could add vehicle recovery, home start and European cover to your roadside assistance policy for a fee. Find out what roadside assistance cover you can get here.

You can use this comparison to compare policies and find our best roadside assistance policy for you. Here is more information on how to find the right roadside assistance and breakdown policy for you.

What is roadside assistance cover?

It is the most basic level of breakdown cover, and means you can call road rescue services or an engineer to come and fix your vehicle if it breaks down on the road.

If they cannot fix your car, it could be towed to:

  • The nearest garage to where you have broken down, or the closest garage approved by your provider

  • A destination of your choice, as long as it is not further than an approved garage, or it is within a certain distance, for example ten miles

Even some of the best roadside assistance providers may not offer comprehensive towing options, while those that do will likely have slightly different policies. Read the terms and conditions of each roadside assistance policy when you get a quote to see which best suit your needs.

What else to look for

Try to find out how long each roadside assistance provider takes to respond to a breakdown call out.

Look for the roadside assistance providers that can get you the fastest road rescue services when you break down. Most promise to arrive within an hour, but some can get to you within 45 minutes.

Check each roadside assistance policy for exclusions because for some roadside assistance, UK companies do not cover all breakdowns, like tyre punctures. Find out what is not covered by a roadside assistance and breakdown policy here.

When you know what roadside assistance cover you need, compare as many quotes as you can using this comparison to find the right policy at the cheapest price.

Roadside breakdown cover FAQs

It will be towed to the nearest garage. Some policies can tow you to any location if it is not further than an approved garage, or within a set distance.

No, most providers can assist you anywhere in the UK.

It depends on your provider, but most policies offer between one and five call outs a year.

Most roadside breakdown policies do not charge an excess when you call out.

No, you need to add home start cover to your policy. Here is how to work out what cover you need.

If you choose a personal cover policy you will be covered whether you are driving or a passenger in any car.

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