You can find the right gap year travel insurance for your trip after:

  • Deciding what you need to cover

  • Working out your trip duration

  • Comparing quotes from insurers

Choose what to cover

There are some common types of cover you will see when comparing gap year travel insurance:

  • Baggage loss: Your insurer can reimburse you if you need to replace lost or stolen items.

  • Medical bills: Your policy can cover the cost of medical treatment if you fall ill or have an accident abroad.

  • Trip cancellation: You can make a claim if you cancel or cut your trip short due to emergency medical treatment.

When you get travel insurance quotes, the cover you get will be shown. Check this carefully to make sure the cover you need is included.

Check how long you will be abroad

It's important to know exactly how many days you will be overseas. Most insurers will cover you for 365 days but others can cover longer durations.

Work out how many days you will be abroad and then check which quotes will cover you for the full length of your trip.

Read the small print

Check the terms and conditions and look for any policy exclusions, including:

  • Age limits

  • Pre-existing medical conditions

  • Trips over a certain duration

  • Restricted countries

When getting quotes, make sure you choose an excess you can afford, as you'll need to pay this when you make a claim.

Some insurers have a compulsory excess you need to pay in addition to the voluntary excess you choose.

Compare several quotes to find the right policy for your circumstances.