If you are about to set off on a gap year chances are that you're both excited and nervous about the adventure you are about to embark upon.

Gap year travel insurance is a necessity for giving you peace of mind whether you are travelling or working abroad.

Here's how to find the best gap year insurance to get the cover you need to enjoy your trip worry free.

How long will you need cover?

Most gap year insurances only cover you for one trip which means that you can travel throughout the world but the cover ends when you return back to the UK.

However, the total length of travel time can vary from policy to policy, while most policies offer cover for at least 365 days, if you plan to be away for over a year you will need to check the full length of your trip is covered.

Equally, if you are planning to take several different trips over the course of a year, choosing an annual policy may be a more suitable option. What activities are included?

If you are planning to try lots of thrill seeking activities or extreme sports during your gap year it's essential to make sure your insurance policy is up to the task.

While most insurers understand that you want to make the most of your gap year and so many include a wide variety of sports and activities within the cover, for those who plan a more adventure based trip, additional cover for more extreme sports such as parachuting or white water rafting is available can be added to your policy.

Check the level of cover

Whether you plan to travel in style or on a budget you should easily be able to find a level of gap year cover suitable for your needs.

Often gap year policies give you only basic cover for your possessions so be sure to familiarise yourself with your policy documents to make sure that any valuables you intend to take with you are protected.

The majority of providers of gap year travel insurance have a 24 hour emergency helpline so that you can be sure that no matter where you are and whether you speak the local language, there will be someone available to advise you if you encounter a problem.

It is essential to sort out your gap year travel insurance before you leave the UK, especially because very few countries offer a free medical service.

This means that if you do need treatment, without insurance it could end up costing you literally thousands of pounds.

Compare deals

Once you know your plans for your gap year you can start looking for travel insurance gap year compare polices and find the best level of cover for your break at a cheap price.

With comprehensive gap year insurance in place before you embark on your travels, you can be sure that wherever you go and whatever happens you will be covered, giving you the reassurance and confidence to really make the most of your gap year.

To find cheap travel insurance for a gap year that gives you the cover you need you can compare the top policies side by side using our gap year travel insurance comparison table.

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