If you are going travelling for three months or longer, some standard travel insurance policies will not be able to cover you.

Many insurers offer a maximum trip length of 31 days for single trip and annual policies.

Should you get single trip or annual cover?

There are two types of travel insurance that can cover you for 90 days:

  • Single trip cover: This covers you for one trip lasting 90 days or more

  • Annual cover: This covers you for multiple trips over one year, including trips that are over 90 days

If you are going travelling for a year or more you might need a specialist backpacker travel insurance policy that can cover you in several countries.

If you are only going on one holiday in the next year consider a single trip policy, but it is not always the cheapest option.

Which is cheaper?

Annual cover is often cheaper if you make several trips in a year, but they can be cheaper even if you are only making one trip, for example:

  • A quote for a single trip 90 day policy could cost £70

  • An annual policy with the same insurer and an individual trip length of more than 90 days could cost £50

However, some annual policies offer lower levels of cover than single trip insurance, so look carefully at what is covered by each policy.

Make sure you get the right cover

You must make sure you are fully protected when you travel, so make sure you:

Once you know the type of policy and cover you need compare as many policies as possible.

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