Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert, comments:

The FCA's findings that six million insurance policyholders are getting a bad deal for their insurance is unfortunately not surprising to anyone who has seen their premiums go up every year.

The FCA also found evidence that some firms are doing their best to stop customers from shopping around and switching provider. We welcome the news that the FCA is reviewing the auto-renewal process to stop those firms that abuse their customers' trust this way.

Insurers make millions from customers who auto-renew without checking for a better deal first and any barriers to switching are completely unfair and must be stamped out.

Customers need to be disloyal to insurers. You are under no obligation to stay with an insurer but you do need to be proactive and take the time to search the market for a lower quote.

One of the best ways to get a better deal from your current insurer is to approach them with a more competitive offer from a rival, and ask them to match it. If your insurer isn't treating you fairly, find another one that will.

The customer has the power to switch, and must use it.