How to find boiler cover for your buy to let

Getting the right boiler insurance can cover the cost of replacing it if it breaks, and ensures your tenants are never without heating. Here is what you need to know about boiler cover.

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What is boiler insurance?

It covers the cost of fixing or replacing your boiler if it breaks down, plus any electrical or plumbing problems. It can be added to your landlord insurance or taken out as separate cover.

It also includes an annual boiler service and Gas Safety Inspection, which you are legally required to have each year.

You are responsible for making sure the heating in your property works, and repairs or replacement can be expensive if you do not have cover.

You can read more about your responsibilities as a landlord on the Tenancy Agreement Service website.

What cover can you get?

The three main ways to insure your boiler are:

  • Boiler only, which just covers the boiler and its controls. It is a cheaper option but would not cover repairs to your pipes or radiators.

  • Boiler and central heating, which also protects your heating system including pipes, radiators, and central heating pumps. This is the most expensive option, but offers the best cover for your boiler and heating.

  • Home emergency, which offers wider cover for problems at your property. This is usually the cheapest option but claims are limited to £500, which would only cover minor repairs. You can read more about home emergency here.

Think about what cover you need to find the best deal.

Does the age of your boiler matter?

You may have difficulty insuring your boiler if it is more than seven years old.

Some insurers require an inspection to be carried out by a Gas Safe-registered engineer before they agree cover, and others may not be able to insure you at all.

Consider getting a new boiler if yours is too old to insure, as this could save you money long term.

How much does it cost?

It varies depending on the level of cover you get, but boiler insurance ranges from £5 a month to around £20 a month.

Replacing your boiler can cost as much as £4,000, so getting the right insurance could help you save money on the price of repairs or replacement.

Do you need it?

Boiler insurance is not compulsory, but it could help you cover the costs of:

  • Fixing or replacing your boiler, if your heating stops working

  • Annual services and Gas Safety inspections, which are required by law

Check to see if you already have cover elsewhere, for example you may be covered for boiler breakdown in your landlord building and contents insurance policy.

You could also consider self insuring instead, by putting money into a savings account each month to cover the cost of boiler repairs. However, you may not have enough money set aside in time if things go wrong and would have to find a way to cover the rest.

How can you find cover?

There are two main ways to find boiler insurance cover for your rental property:

  • Compare insurers: Most landlord insurers offer boiler cover as part of their packages. You can also find stand alone cover by comparing boiler insurance deals.

  • Energy supplier: Most gas and electricity companies offer boiler insurance with your energy deal. This is a convenient way to get cover but may not be the cheapest option.

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