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Surgeries in searches – the most Googled cosmetic procedures in Europe

With the global cosmetic surgery market expected to be worth £41 billion by 2027, we decided to investigate what procedures both the UK and the rest of Europe are searching for.
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In their 2020 annual audit, The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) revealed that nearly 27,000 surgical procedures had taken place in 2019 in the UK, with breast augmentation, breast reduction and abdominoplasty being the three most popular.

Using Google’s Keyword Planner and AdWords platforms, we built out search terms used around different cosmetic surgeries and gathered the monthly average search volume from the last 12 months for each European country. This revealed the average search volume for each procedure in total, as well as which procedures each country is individually searching for.

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The most searched for surgeries in Europe

With 34,410 total monthly searches, rhinoplasty is the most searched for surgical procedure in Europe. This is followed by 'boob job', in second place and 'penis enlargement' in third with 28,690 and 24,450 monthly searches respectively.

For non-surgical procedures, face & skin "tweakments" are seemingly the most popular, with 'microdermabrasion' receiving 70,870 searches per month and 'hyaluronic acid' in second place with 66,940. 'Lip fillers' round off the top three, with 62,200 monthly searches across Europe.

'Rhinoplasty' topped the list in 10 of the 31 countries analysed, followed by 'boob job', which is the number one most searched for procedure in eight countries, and 'Brazilian butt lift', which topped the list in seven countries.

Click on the individual countries below to find out their top six most searched for procedures, based on average monthly search volume.

The most searched for procedures by area of the body

Discover the most searched for procedure by area of the body below.

Cost of cosmetic surgery around Europe

Data compiled from WhatClinic.com reveals the countries charging the highest average prices for the top five most searched for procedures. An analysis of their individual clinic listings also uncovers the European countries with the highest rating for the same five procedures.

Click the tabs to switch between data sets.

Most searched for surgeries in France
Most searched for surgeries in Germany
Most searched for surgeries in Ireland
Most searched for surgeries in Italy
Most searched for surgeries in the Netherlands
Most searched for surgeries in Portugal
Most searched for surgeries in Spain

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, either surgical or no surgical, here’s what you need to know before any surgery and the NHS guidelines for who to choose do your cosmetic procedure.

Ways to pay for your cosmetic surgery

Figures from leading private healthcare and cosmetic surgery specialists, Pall Mall Medical, reveal that 60% patients borrow money to finance their procedures, with the majority (40%) paying on their credit card*.

Getting into any debt should be considered seriously before you commit to borrowing. It's imperative that you budget to ensure you can make the repayments and avoid any issues in the future, that may negatively impact your credit score.




Data Methodology

Using Keyword Planner and Google AdWords, we built out search terms used around different cosmetic surgeries and gathered the monthly average search volumes for each procedure across 31 European countries for the last 12 months (Feb 19 -Jan 20). A number of smaller European countries were not included because there was little, or no available data.

We then used the monthly average search volumes to determine which procedures were the most searched for in each of the 31 countries and which body parts had the most procedures searched for. We also compared the surgical and non-surgical search volumes to see which were more popular.

Referring to WhatClinic.com, we were able to gather the most expensive price in each country for the top six most searched for procedures. This was calculated by averaging the chosen procedure cost listed from the surgeries advertising on the site, in each country. Using the same method, we were also able to work out the average rating for each procedure, in each country.

Whilst in the top five most searched for surgeries, penis enlargement was not included in the cost and rating summary due to there being only a small selection of clinics that offer the procedure in Europe.

*Data correct as of May 2020

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