To get the best travel insurance for your laptop:

  1. Decide what cover you want

  2. Find a policy that offers worldwide protection

  3. Compare quotes online to find the cheapest price

Pick your cover options

The main types of laptop cover are:

  • Accidental damage: This covers accidental breakages, like dropping your laptop or cracking the screen. Some insurers charge extra to add this, so look for a policy where it is included as standard.

  • Breakdown: This covers your laptop if it stops working, due to a mechanical fault. Gadget insurance does not cover breakdowns if your laptop is still under warranty, so check your purchase documents.

  • Theft: This covers your laptop if it is stolen, but you may not be able to claim if you act carelessly. For example, some insurers will not pay out if you leave your laptop behind in a taxi.

  • Loss: This covers your laptop if it is lost, e.g. if your airline loses your luggage. This is not always included automatically, so check with the insurer before you buy.

You should also check the maximum cover limits offered by each policy, which should be enough to replace your laptop if it is lost or damaged beyond repair.

For example, if you own a MacBook, it may be more expensive to replace than other laptop models.

Shop around for the best price

Once you have decided what cover you need, get quotes to find a policy with the lowest:

  • Monthly cost, which is usually payable for 12 months

  • Excess, which is how much you have to pay if you claim

Insurers charge interest for splitting the cost of your insurance monthly, but you could save money by paying annually. You could also get a discount if you have more than one gadget to insure.