What is gadget insurance?

If your gadget breaks or gets stolen, a specialist insurance policy can cover the cost of repair or a replacement. Here is how gadget insurance works and how to get the right cover.

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How does it work?

Gadget insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your gadgets if they are damaged or stolen.

You can get cover for your:

  • Mobile phone

  • Laptop

  • iPad or tablet

  • MP3 player

  • Games console

  • Kindle or eReader

  • Smart watch or Fitbit

  • Camera

  • Sat Nav

You can buy gadget insurance to cover one item, like your smartphone, or you can get a policy that covers all your portable devices. Most policies have a single item limit, which means they will not pay more than a certain sum for one gadget, for example £1,500.

Do you need it?

It depends on your circumstances. Ask yourself:

  • Could you afford to replace your gadgets if they were damaged or lost?

  • Are your gadgets still under warranty?

  • Have you lost or damaged gadgets before?

  • Are your gadgets already covered elsewhere, e.g. your home insurance?

Gadget insurance can give you peace of mind if you are accident prone or use your gadgets on the move, and you can get it for a few pounds a month.

Here is more about whether you should get gadget insurance

What does it cover?

This varies between insurers, but you can usually cover the following:

  • Theft, which covers replacing stolen gadgets

  • Loss, which covers accidentally losing your gadgets

  • Mechanical breakdown, which covers your gadgets if they stop working

  • Accidental damage, which covers drops, cracked screens, and other accidental breakages

  • Liquid damage, which covers breakdown caused by spills

  • Worldwide cover, which covers you up to 90 days anywhere in the world

You may have to pay extra for some types of cover, for example some basic policies do not automatically cover loss or theft.

Here is more information about what gadget insurance can cover

What is not covered?

This depends on the terms of your policy, but most gadget insurance does not cover:

  • Damage or losses that happen before your insurance policy has started

  • Gadgets not listed on your policy

  • Damage already covered by your manufacturer's warranty

  • Loss or damage where you have not taken care of your gadget

  • Your policy excess, which is the amount you must pay towards each claim

  • Gadgets that are not new or refurbished to manufacturer standards when you buy cover

  • Cosmetic damage, e.g. scratches or dents

  • The contents of your gadget, e.g. photos, software, music, or downloads

If you try to claim for anything not covered by your policy, your insurer will refuse to pay. Check the terms of cover before you buy, to avoid having your claims rejected.

Where can you get cover?

The main ways to get gadget insurance are:

  • By using a gadget insurance comparison

  • From the shop where you buy your gadget

  • From a specialist insurance company

The best way to find a policy is by shopping around for the cover you need at the cheapest price, so use our comparison to get as many quotes as possible.

How can you claim?

You should contact your insurer as soon as possible if you need to make a claim. Call your insurer's claims number and follow the procedure explained in your policy documents.

Here is more information on how to claim on your gadget insurance

Compare insurance policies that can cover your gadget for things like accidental damage, breakdown, loss or theft.

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