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What is business gadget insurance?

It works like any other gadget insurance policy, but is designed specifically to cover the devices you use for work. Business gadget insurance can protect:

Business policies only cover loss or damage to gadgets used by you or your employees for work. They do not cover stock, for example if you own a shop selling electronics.

Some insurers include extra cover for business gadgets, like commercial use or free data storage. Think about what you need and then use this comparison to find a policy that is right for you.

Here is more about how gadget insurance works

What cover should you get?

To find the right cover for you and your business, ask yourself:

  • Where are your gadgets used? If you take laptops, tablets or mobile phones out of the office, loss cover can protect them on the move. Alternatively, if your gadgets are kept in an office overnight, you may want to protect against theft.

  • How many devices do you own? If your business owns multiple gadgets, you could save money with a multi gadget policy. Most insurers offer a discount for each device you add to a policy.

  • Do you have employees? If your gadgets are used by your employees, the chances of accidental damage may be higher. Most insurers include accidental damage as standard, but check if things like liquid damage and cracked screens are also covered.

  • Do you travel for work? If you go abroad for work, make sure your gadgets are covered worldwide. Some insurers offer unlimited worldwide cover, but others only protect gadgets abroad up to 90 days.

Do you need it?

You may not need gadget insurance if you have portable equipment cover on your commercial insurance policy.

If you work from home or do not have an office premises, business gadget insurance can be a cheap way to protect your gadgets against damage or loss.

Here is how to decide if you should get gadget insurance

Business gadget insurance FAQs

If you run your own business, you will need to take out cover. If you are an employee, your employer should insure any gadgets you use for work.

Yes, most insurers offer discounts if you cover several devices on one policy. Compare multi gadget insurance to see if you could save.

They are automatically covered if they are damaged by accident, but deliberate damage may be excluded. Check your policy for details.

Yes, most policies will cover your devices anywhere in the world. However, cover abroad may be restricted, so check the terms of your policy.

Claims for damage are usually unlimited, but you may be restricted to no more than two loss or theft claims each year.

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