Insuring your gadgets can cover the cost of repair or replacement if the worst happens, and shopping around for the right policy can save you money.

Shop around

Get as many quotes as possible to compare:

  • Cover options: Think about what you need to protect your gadgets against and find a policy that offers this. You may have to pay extra to add things like loss or theft, so make sure you have the cover you need.

  • Monthly cost: This is how much you pay for your insurance each month. It varies depending on how many gadgets you insure, what cover you have, and the excess you choose. Look for the lowest cost after you have decided what cover you need.

  • Maximum cover: This is the most an insurer will pay for any single item on your policy. Check how much your gadgets cost and get a policy that will pay enough money for you to replace them if you need to claim.

  • Excess: This is how much you pay towards each claim you make. It varies but you may find the monthly cost of your policy is higher if you have a low excess. Think about what you are prepared to pay towards claims and look for a policy that offers this.

Check for multi gadget discounts

Most insurers offer a discount when you add more than one gadget to your policy. For example, if you have two gadgets you could get a 10% discount.

You can add the following devices to one gadget insurance policy:

Think about getting a multi device insurance policy if you have several gadgets, or if you need to insure your family's devices.