The best value travel insurance for over 60s is the policy that gives you the cover you need for the cheapest price.

Work out what cover you need and then get quotes from insurers that offer it to find the cheapest price.

Ways to cut the cost

As you get older travel cover starts to become more expensive because you are statistically more likely to make a claim. Some ways you could make your policy cheaper include:

  • Avoiding unnecessary cover: Every insurer offers a different selection of cover, but you may not need everything. For example, removing lost or stolen baggage protection if you are travelling without luggage make your policy cheaper.

  • Increasing your policy excess: This will make it more expensive if you need to make a claim, but could lower your insurance premium as well. Always make sure you can still afford the excess if you do need to claim.

  • Checking specialist insurers: Some companies offer cover for older travellers and customise their policies accordingly to make them cheaper. Make sure to include these insurers when you get quotes.

Getting cover if you have a medical condition

If you have an existing medical condition, you need to let your insurer know when you get a quote.

Pre-existing medical conditions can make your over 60s travel insurance more expensive, but hiding them to get a cheaper policy could invalidate your cover.

You can get over 60 travel insurance with medical conditions included in the cover. However, the excess can be higher for conditions you have before you travel, or sometimes they are excluded altogether.