The cost of travel insurance often goes up when you're in your 60s, and some insurers only offer cover up to a certain age, such as 85.

Finding cheap travel insurance can become more difficult when you get older, but there are still ways you can find a good deal.

Keeping the cost down

To make sure you are getting the best possible price for your travel insurance, you should:

  • Consider an annual policy: If you go abroad more than once a year, it could be cheaper to get an annual multi trip policy.

  • Avoid cover you don't need: Check if you can remove cover options you won't need, like lost or stolen baggage protection, as it could reduce the cost of the policy.

  • Compare quotes: Enter your details to get travel insurance quotes to find the cheapest deal.

Make sure you're covered

Before you get travel insurance quotes, there are a few things you should ask yourself:

  • Do you have existing medical conditions? If you do, you must declare them, and check they are covered by your policy. Here is how to get travel insurance if you have medical conditions.

  • What will you do on your trip? Check that any activities you plan to do are covered; you may need to pay extra for dangerous activities, like skiing.

  • How long are you going away for? Some insurers reduce the maximum trip length as you get older. For example, when you're over 65 the maximum length could reduce from 60 to 31 days.

You should also make sure your destination is covered. If you are travelling outside of Europe you will need to get worldwide travel insurance.