You should start by thinking about:

  • How much you want to save each month: This can be between 1 and 3,000.

  • How you want to manage your account: Online, by post, by phone or in a branch.

  • How much access you want: Some accounts do not let you withdraw for a set term.

Once you know what you want, find the highest interest rate by comparing the accounts on our table.

How does a regular savings accounts work?

You have to pay money in each month to qualify for the advertised interest rates, usually over a 12 month period.

This can either mean you have to pay in a set amount or between two amounts, for example, 50 monthly or between 25 and 50 a month.

Are there different types of regular saver?

Yes, there are two types:

  1. 1.

    Those available to new customers: You can open these accounts without having any existing financial connection to the bank or building society.

  2. 2.

    Those available to existing customers: They provide a higher interest rate compared to similar regular savings accounts from the same bank or building society.

Make a note of where you hold existing savings and current accounts, as you may find that you qualify for a regular savings account that is only available to existing customers.

Can you withdraw from a regular saver?

Most regular savings accounts do not let you take any money out for a set term, such as 12 months.

However, some do let you withdraw cash anytime, but do not let you replace the money you took out until the next calendar month.

If you do not want any restrictions on how often you save or withdraw your money, you could save into an instant access account, however the interest rate you get may not be as high.

Regular savings FAQs


Do I have to save into a regular savings account every month?


Yes, if you do not then you could lose out on the interest rate that attracted you to the account in the first place.


Can I save twice as much if I open a joint regular savings account?


Usually no, but some regular savings accounts do let you do this, so make sure you check the terms and conditions before you apply.


How long do I need to save for to qualify for the rate?


Most regular savings accounts require you to save a set amount for 12 consecutive months.


Can I save in more than one regular savings account?


Yes, if you have more to pay in each month than your chosen account lets you save then you can save the rest in a separate account.


Can I put a large amount of money into a regular savings account?


It depends on how much. Every account has a maximum amount you can pay in each month, which can be as much as 3,000 a month.

About our regular savings accounts comparison


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We include every personal savings account that requires a regular deposit. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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