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An online savings account can be set up and accessed over the internet, making it easy to manage your money whenever you need to.

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  • Compare rates and terms offered by different providers
  • Savings accounts are protected by the FSCS¹

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How to compare internet savings accounts


Decide your savings goals

Work out how much you want to save, how much access you want and how you want to be able to manage the account and then have a look for the best rate.


Compare your options

Rates and terms can vary widely across providers, so comparing a number of options increases your chances of finding the best internet savings account deal for you.


Apply and start saving

To apply you'll have to provide name and contact details. Once you your account is open, you can transfer your deposit and start saving.

Online savings account deals

38 results found, sorted by highest interest rate. How we order our comparisons. Commission earned affects the table's sort order.
Principality Building Society Learner Earner Issue 3
Account type
Regular saver
Open with
£1 to £250
Interest rate
2.75% AER variable
Protection scheme
Principality Building Society Learner Earner Issue 3
Available in branch only.
Up to 3 withdrawals are permitted each calendar year. Closure is permitted but counts as a withdrawal.
Rate Tiers
Gross rateGross rateAER rateAER rate
Excluding bonusIncluding bonusExcluding bonusIncluding bonus
Maximum Initial Deposit£20,000
Minimum Initial Deposit£1
Minimum Age18 years
Permanent UK Resident
Skipton 5 Year e-Bond Issue 184
Account type
Fixed rate bond
Open with
Interest rate
2.3% AER fixed for 5 years
Protection scheme
Skipton 5 Year e-Bond Issue 184
Interest is paid on the anniversary of account opening and on maturity. Withdrawals not allowed. Check restrictions on paying in.
No withdrawal or closure permitted during the term of the account.
Rate Tiers
Gross rateGross rateAER rateAER rate
Excluding bonusIncluding bonusExcluding bonusIncluding bonus
Maximum Initial Deposit£1,000,000
Minimum Initial Deposit£500
Minimum Age16 years
Permanent UK Resident

What is an online savings account?

An online savings account or internet savings account can be managed over the internet at any time, which can be convenient if you are unable to visit a branch.

Some online providers can offer better rates compared to traditional accounts, so it's worth considering internet savings accounts.

How to find the right online savings account

When looking for the best online savings account, think about:

  • The interest rate

  • How often you need to access your money

Knowing this makes it easier to find the right account for you.

Types of online savings accounts available

There are several types online accounts, including:

Instant access

An account that lets you deposit money and make withdrawals any time. These accounts are useful for those who feel they might need to occasionally dip into their savings. You can do this by visiting a branch, or by transferring funds using online banking.

Regular saver

An account that requires you to save up to a set monthly amount – ideal if you do not have a lump sum. They typically restrict you from saving over a certain total amount in the account, as well as limiting withdrawals. However, they will often have higher interest rates.

Notice account

With a notice account, you have to give notice to withdraw money (such as 60 days), or pay an interest penalty. These accounts usually let you pay in at any time. Be aware that if you do need to get to your savings, the penalty would likely undo any recent gains.

Which savings account should you choose?

Things to check before you get an online savings account

Before you apply, look out for:

  • Minimum and maximum deposits: Some online savings accounts limit the amount you can pay in. There can also be limits on how much can be kept in the account.

  • Interest rate: This can vary depending on the account type e.g instant access accounts generally have lower rates compared to other savings accounts.

  • Introductory offers: Attractive interest rates may only be for a set period, before dropping significantly e.g. 5% for the first 12 months.

  • Penalties: You may be charged for withdrawing funds from your internet savings account, e.g moving cash from a 5 year fixed savings account before the term ends.

Check the terms and conditions, this will allow you to work out if an account is right for you.

Shop around and compare accounts to find the best online savings account for you

Think about what you want from a savings account before comparing products offered by different providers.

Once you know this look for an online savings account that meets your criteria and offers the highest interest rate.

Online savings accounts FAQ's

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