Compare 5 year fixed rate bonds

Compare 5 year fixed rate bonds that could offer steady growth on your savings by guaranteeing the same interest rate for five years.

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Skipton 5 Year e-Bond Issue 164
Account type
Fixed rate bond
Open with
Interest rate
1.25% AER fixed
Protection scheme
Interest is paid on the anniversary of account opening and on maturity. Withdrawals not allowed. Check restrictions on paying in.
Rate Tiers
Gross rateGross rateAER rateAER rate
Excluding bonusIncluding bonusExcluding bonusIncluding bonus
Maximum Initial Deposit£1,000,000
Minimum Initial Deposit£500
Minimum Age16 years
Permanent UK Resident

How to get the best 5 year fixed rate bonds

Start by comparing as many accounts as possible by following these three tips:

  • Look for the best interest rate: The higher the rate the more interest you will earn

  • Check the withdrawal rules: Some fixed rate bonds charge you for withdrawing early or restrict your access completely, so check the terms and conditions before opening

  • Make sure the account you choose is protected: Most companies protect your funds up to £85,000 under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) or have their own compensation schemes to cover you

If you are happy to leave your money untouched for at least five years then you could speak to an independent financial advisor to discuss all your long term savings options.

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How do a fixed rate bonds work?

As the name term implies, 5 year fixed rate bonds tie your money up for five years from the date you open the account, and cannot be accessed until the maturity date.

For example, if you open a 5 year fixed term bond on 30th March 2017, you will have to wait until 30th March 2022 before you can access your money again.

Most fixed rate bonds will charge you an interest penalty if you try to withdraw your money, and you will be expected to close the whole bond down.

There are also limited issue bonds that have a set maturity date regardless of when you open the account.

How much money do you need to open 5 year fixed rate bonds?

You can open five year fixed rate bonds for as little as £10, but most require you to deposit a much larger amount to get started. Our comparison table above shows you how much you need to open each fixed rate bond.

Some bonds let you add more money for a set time, like 14 or 20 days after you open it, but others only allow one opening deposit, so if you want the flexibility to add more funds over time, a fixed bond may not be the best option for you.

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